Stocking up on what??

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I'm just curious, those of you who are stock-piling in prep for this virus, what items are you focusing on? I know t.p. is #1 to not forget.
But as far as eating.....fill the freezer, canned goods, boxes or rice, pasta. I eat lots of fresh. Just trying to think forward to my shopping this weekend. Would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. :/

And what about fever reducers and cough suppressants? We tend to only buy that stuff as we need it but in the event of having to self quarantine, there'd be no way to go get meds.?


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    I'm targeting a 2-3 week supply, so I need to take inventory of what I already have.

    I'm focusing on foods that we eat regularly or use in a lot of different dishes which are shelf-stable or are/can be frozen. Things like frozen blueberries, corn, and peas, chicken, crackers, pumpkin (for my dog), crushed tomatoes, canned peaches and pears, pasta, couscous, baking items, pouches for my toddler, and beer or wine. We just bought dog food and the dry cat food, but I buy canned cat food weekly.

    For household essentials I will look at things like toothpaste, kleenex, body wash/soap, shampoo, conditioner, feminine products, laundry detergent, and paper towels. We already have enough toilet paper, hand soap, lysol, bleach, etc.

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    Mostly I'm keeping bigger reserves. Like the milk we use has a long unopened life, so I'm keeping 2 unopened ones in the fridge rather than waiting until one runs out. Also planning to get some frozen veggies to sub for our usual fresh if required, so I hope there wasn't a run on those.
    Normally I buy a lot of things in bulk when on sale or at a warehouse store, so I have good supplies of most things on hand all the time. It helps to have a giant pantry.
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    The only thing I’ve actually bought is one bottle of laundry detergent. I still have some, but maybe not enough?
    I always keep 2 or 3 TV dinners, some frozen veggies and frozen meat. Just bought water and toilet paper not too long ago when they were on sale. I have cough drops left over from last cold. Bought hard candy on sale after Xmas that I also use for coughs. I think I’m good.
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    just incase things do get crazy here and stores close down/deliveries are limited, i bought 3 mths worth of pet foods, litter and extra paper towels to care for 10 cats and our dog.. just don’t want to feel guilty if it turns out i was wrong not to stockpile...although i did buy fake shelf milk and extra coffee beans for me cause well i am not going to be maybe locked up in my home without at least my coffee!! other than meats or veggies, i buy in bulk already so we still have miscellaneous stuff we could eat for a couple weeks even if don’t like them much..
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    @manderson27 AAA batteries, you say? Check! lol Like @BarbaraHelen2013, I'm at a loss to figure out what else we'd need to get in our place since I was already a hoarder, apparently. My Amazon Subscribe & Save has (among other pantry and toiletry items) 2 packs of toilet paper so that we're never less than 50 rolls of 3-ply rolls at any given time. This whole crisis has made me rethink how much I buy.
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    I really wish people would quit hoarding toilet paper. Do they really think they need 50 rolls of toilet paper if they get stuck in their house for 2 weeks? Coronavirus does not cause diarrhea. For those of us who are just out of it and just need one package, we are SOL. Thanks to everyone hoarding toilet paper.

    According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, on the Steven Colbert show right now, some people do get diarrhea with COVID-19.