Attn Nurses... calories burned for CPR



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    Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I would feel badly for counting it. Just doesn't seem right to count it when it comes at the cardiac arrest of another person.
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    Wow, thank you guys for all your work saving other people's lives on a daily basis. My first thought when I read the OP was "who cares what it burns, it's CPR!!!" But I guess if you do it often enough you need to account for it.

    I wonder if superheroes sit around on their forum and ask "how many calories did I burn by redirecting that missile today?" :laugh:
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    15 minutes of CPR will burn 165 calories.
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    Tmarty1424 wrote: »
    15 minutes of CPR will burn 165 calories.

    This thread is from 2011.
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    The thing is... too few calories are also bad. I wouldn't think it's a bad thing to give yourself a little extra, but mostly I would watch your weight trends. Are you losing weight at the rate you would expect for your calorie level? Does the activity level you do approximately even out week to week or is it vastly different?

    If it more or less evens out then I would just keep playing with your calorie goals, every couple of weeks, until your loss is about right. Then look at trying to hit your weekly average rather than daily. If you have a busy day and you're starving eat more, and then less on a more sedentary day.

    If things vary a lot more wildly, or if you just really like logging, set your activity level to a lower activity level and then give yourself calories for more activity. This is more fun IMO, but also much harder to dial in.

    I sorta do a blend of these and I'm usually very consistent.
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    I just have myself set to moderately active and count everything I do at work in that.