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  • I did this one 2 years ago and it took me 39:21RX! That many 65# thrusters are killer for me. After being nervous all night, I did it this morning and got 26:49RX. Super happy!! It didn't even feel as bad as I remember. I know I could cut more time off, but no way am I doing that again! 2016 Open is in the books! Til next…
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  • Did it this morning. Got 138RX. Wow...that was tough! Wish I'd gotten to the HSPUs but WBs are a killer for me.
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  • That was me 2 years ago on 14.2. I was pretty good at pullups and could get high enough but couldn't get my chest to touch. I finally figured it out last year and got my first C2B in 15.2. It was great not to be scared of the C2B this year, but 65# was a killer for me. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.
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  • I did it this morning RX with a score of 53. My goal was just to get 1 round finished and I doubled that. Those lunges were REALLY hard for me. The burpees and C2B were easy compared to that (first time for that!). I got my first C2B last year so it was nice to get 16 of them today and I could have done a lot more. I…
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  • I'm doing the open for the 3rd time this year. I do it to push myself. In the last 2, I've gotten my first C2B, HSPU, and PR'd several lifts. I have no idea what this year has in store, but it'll be fun. Most of my box signs up and we have a fun little competition going every year.
  • 5'1.5" SW: 139 CW: 131 GW: 125 to start, then as low as 115...maybe. I've gained about 15 lbs in the last 2 years (5 in the last 6 months) and needed to get back to running weight which is about 122. I workout quite a bit running/Crossfitting and am naturally pretty muscular. I doubt that I could get under 115 in a healthy…
  • I've been doing Crossfit for about 3 years now and love it. It's okay to be a little scared at first, just remember that anything can be scaled or modified. That helped me lose my fear of not knowing what the workout would be each day. Everything AllanMisner said is spot on. Find a great community that supports you and…
  • I can get behind your refined statement. That says to me that excessive food is not worth the unhealthy effects. When Kate Moss says it, I don't get that read. Not sure I completely buy it from Weight Watchers either, but it's more believable that they are interested in health vs. Kate Moss.
  • That was my first thought too. Ice cream does taste better! I would rather work out hard and eat these things in moderation to be healthy rather than someone else's definition of thin! I'm at a disadvantage being short and naturally muscle-y (is that a word?) so unless I eat unhealthy portions of food and forgo lifting, I…
  • I like my Garmin Vivofit2 also. I had a Fitbit Flex last year and hated charging it every 4-5 days. After the charger broke for the 2nd time in 30 days, I stopped wearing it. I never take my Vivofit2 off since it is waterproof. Didn't get many steps at the pool last weekend, but I knew what time it was. :smile: The display…
  • This is a key for me too. I feel psychologically satisfied if my food is good. I don't love cooking, but I do like the challenge of finding a recipe that is healthy, tastes good, and my kids will eat. It makes me feel like super mom/wife! Monday we had mustard-glazed chicken, paleo wedge salad (dressing made with avocados,…
  • I wouldn't say I'm full on 1200 calories...satisfied is a better word. First, I am small. Under 5'2" and 131lbs (goal 125 to start). 1200 at sedentary puts me at .5 lb/week. I have a Vivofit so those calories get added to the 1200 and I do eat back a portion of my exercise calories (not much of Crossfit, but most of…
  • I am another non-morning person who has to workout early. I find that I have to set a back-up alarm just in case (my body doesn't usually think 4:50 is a great time to wake up) and have my clothes all laid out. Some days, I just have to push myself to get in the car and go. I have finally learned that I will feel great…
  • Another 3 down. 800m repeats on the track. Way better than I was anticipating. It helped that the humidity was down so recovery felt so much faster!
  • I just started running season: Monday- Crossfit Tuesday- Track workout Wednesday-Crossfit Thursday-4-6 mi tempo run Friday-Optional Crossfit Saturday-Long run Sunday-rest During non-running season, my goal is Crossfit 5x/week. I'm working on my consistency. 2014 wasn't great in that area besides running, so my goal this…
  • Yes, between working out and having a high sodium day, I can puff up like a marshmallow. Last night my fingers and ankles felt huge and uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to a week of normal at-home eating and seeing the scale go down as the water weight goes away. At least I don't freak out at the scale anymore.
  • I do skip Friday lifting when my mileage gets higher on Sats. I don't think I'll have to do that until my 12-14 week train up starts, though. We'll see hiw ling my runs get before then. I've never struggled with my workout load in the past. I do want to make sure I get enough calories for training/recovery but still lose…
  • Actually, Crossfit makes me a lot faster. Last year, I didn't Crossfit at all and really struggled on my long runs compared to the previous 2 years Crossfitting. I've been very successful with this type of training. Also, I have a running coach who programs my training and Crossfit is part of it. I might stop my deficit 12…
  • Thanks. My protein intake is good so I'm on the right track there. I think that too big a deficit has been my problem in the past so I'll make sure I don't repeat that mistake.
  • I have 4 boys and homeschool them so I can't get to the gym or workout anytime during work hours. We also have sports or some other activity most evenings so that's out too. I have to workout at 5:30am while everyone is sleeping and hubby is home. That means waking at 4:45. I'm a night owl so it isn't my favorite thing,…
  • First "long" run of the season. Happy to do 5 after taking a 8.5 month break. Hot and humid, but I survived and feel pretty good. On to next week.
  • This is what happens to me. I actually gained 2 lbs during my last half marathon train up because I was eating too much. Just started training again and will be smarter with my calorie intake.
  • Hmmm, I hadn't heard that end of it. Interesting tactic.
  • Shows you how hard those guys work!! Here the article on Michael Phelps from the 2008 Olympics. They reported he ate 12,000 calories a day. I remember NBC doing a video from the OTC cafeteria on how they fed the athletes, especially MP. http://blogs.wsj.com/health/2008/08/13/the-michael-phelps-diet-dont-try-it-at-home/
  • I'm running a couple of half this year. First one in Dec and the second in late Jan. I find that I usually eat better during running season because a long run after eating poorly or too much does not go well. MFP should take.the guesswork out of that for me this season. Is this your first half?
  • I agree with this too. My boys will do VERY light kettlebell or bar work, but really nothing more than they could do lifting things at home or outside. They are just learning the proper movements and how it feels with a little weight. There is no finding a 1RM or anything of that sort. When I think of no weightlifting for…
  • Ooooh...that arctic enema. I've done other obstacle races with cold water, but TM knows how to bring it. That was something else. After that, I had one running pace...slow. The people were probably even more fun than the obstacles! Love the TM community.
  • I agree with that, but it sounds like she is doing a cardio/body weight based program with her mom (that's what T25 is, right?). That should certainly build some strength and help her swimming. I think it is good that she wants to get better at her sport (without doing anything unhealthy to achieve it).
  • This is exactly why we encourage our kids to do it. We are hoping to build healthy habits that will last to adulthood.