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  • I'm always up for new motivational friends! Currently work is busy so I'm not always on to comment, but trying my best. I'm training for a half marathon, and next a Spartan sprint. If you think we'd get along feel free to add me! Please include a message in your request :)
  • My husband and our bro/sis in law ran a Spartan sprint in July out in MD. It was my first one. I've signed up for another sprint in CO next May!
  • I'm 26 years old at 5'3". My goal for this year is to lose 20 more pounds. I have my goals set to about .5 lbs/week, putting my calorie goal at 1640, with a sedentary setting. I typically eat back most of my exercise calories to get back up to the "net" of 1600ish. To date I've hit a total loss of 27 pounds since I started…
  • I returned my Fitbit charge HR - the wrist based HR just didn't cut it for me. I was super excited about it at the beginning... it also cut in and out on me all the time. I work part time as a cashier on some nights and found that my Fitbit was counting every single minimal movement as a step. It was adjusting my calories…
  • My husband is also an officer - fortunately we live in a small enough town that he can usually just swing by the house and eat something. I think it has helped that we prepped and froze about 2 weeks worth of meals so all he needs to do is pop them in the microwave. Sometimes he doesn't have time, and he does go to fast…
  • Hello everyone! I have been on MFP for just barely over a year now - I'm in search of more active friends who comment and post daily. I've lost about 20 lbs in 2015 and hope to do the same this year while training for a 15k and a Spartan Sprint. Feel free to add me, but please include a message with your request :blush:
  • I used this website to figure out my calorie goals : -MFP set me at 1200 originally, it was much too low and there was no way I could eat that little. For some, 1200 calories is sustainable, but for others we need to up our calories to lose weight - you have to find…
  • I looked back through your diary and there are numerous days that you haven't logged a single thing. The first step is to make sure you are logging everything you eat. A food scale really does come in handy! :)
  • I am close to your age, I am 5'3" and 175 lbs. I used this website : to calculate the calories I needed to eat each day. MFP set me at 1200 originally, it was much too low. I have mine now set to 1500 PRE exercise. I typically eat all or most of my exercise calories…
  • following for responses! I did not know Garmin had the HR either until I saw an ad the other day :)
  • I sent you a request! I have about 30 ish lbs left to go. I've been on MFP since mid-January and log in daily.
  • Fellow 5'3"er here. I started out at 197 as well- currently wavering around 170. Feel free to add me :) I have an open diary and try to congratulate my pals when they're doing great! Just be sure to send me a little note with the request.
  • I finished my first week of Stage 1 and wanted to share my results so far- very exciting! -1 inch off my waist and my arms; -1.5 inches off my stomach; -1/4 inch off my neck - I did gain a little weight, but not worried about that at all- we had a carnival in town and it's mostly likely due to poor food choices. Happy…
  • Great post- I was wondering the same thing myself. I was a little worried to be upping my calories - I've used the scooby website and my TDEE is right around 1800 calories, so I myself am currently eating 1500ish. Stats: 5'3" , 25 yrs old, and 174 lbs Using the calculations from the book- on a normal day I should be eating…
  • Hello! I just purchased the book not too long ago, and have been reading through it. I'm sure this has been answered- but 100+ pages were too many to scroll through (especially because I want to keep reading!! :smile: ) - I'm concerned about the calories- currently I'm eating right around 1500 a day. My TDEE on another…
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  • This made me smile- same thing happened to me. I always thought I was closer to 5'3" but apparently I'm 5'2.5" - Anyway! I started at 197 last October, didn't really get on the food tracking bandwagon until mid January of this year. Since then I have lost 25 lbs down to a weight of 171. I began with some Zumba classes, and…
  • You can! Pretty much like everyone else said- start small. When I joined MFP, my first and only goal was to track EVERY morsel or beverage that went into my mouth. I've been working on this since January, and to be honest, I still go over my daily, or heck, even weekly allowances quite often. BUT- learning to track and…
  • I just bought quite a few size medium shirts last night- I was getting so close to almost having to buy XL for a while there. Over memorial weekend I completed the Bolder Boulder 10k- I never thought I would enjoy running!
  • 25 here! I've found a few connections through Instagram too, usually in the same age range :) Feel free to add me.
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  • I get irrationally angry when couples baby talk to each other- you're a grown-up, talk like one. Even thinking about people baby talking to each other gets my blood boiling.... almost to the point of rage punching someone in the throat. People who say they get angry about horrible spellers, but then talk about all their…
  • I am working to lose 50-60 lbs as well, but I've set my goal for January of next year (I started January of this year). So far I've lost 20 lbs- which is between 1-1.5 lbs/week. July seems like a very unrealistic goal. I agree with most other posters, focus on 1-1.5 lbs/week and you may be able to lose at least 20 by July.…
  • This is one of my major goals as I loooove to take baths. I've noticed that, like others have said, if I don't get in a workout I am either angry or start to feel down. Today for example was a "rest day" but I had to do just a few sets of weight lifting. Again, as others have said, junk food is starting to just taste…
  • Thanks :) I emailed them as well, but the response was less than helpful. I don't think they even read my inquiry to be honest.
  • I also sent in a help ticket and their reply was less than helpful. If only it would resync after I updated the activity on GC. Oh well!
  • Hello all! I just got my vivofit2 in the mail today and can't wait to try it out. Feel free to connect with me here or on GC - amyj28 is my username out there. I'll try to come back and add you as time allows!
  • Following- I'm curious on the responses. I JUST got my vivofit2 in the mail today and haven't quite set everything up yet. I was trying to figure out if I should track activities in MFP or if I just let the vivofit sync up to my diary.
  • I mostly just suffer from migraines, and my chiropractor suggested a few daily vitamins to start taking to help my joints! Thanks for all the input everyone :)
  • how do you change sections of your diary if I may ask? That's a great idea!