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  • That is awesome. Honestly, the first time it happened to me, even though I was embarrassed, it was kind of an "achievement unlocked" moment. Like -- hey, I'm here, I'm working hard, and them's the breaks (pun intended).
  • It definitely happens. If you're really concerned about it, you can always try a couple of, er, pre-emptive poses before class... Google "wind-relieving pose." Yes, it's a thing. And yes, it works. :)
  • Thanks for this -- it was a timely reminder for me today. :)
  • Maybe some gentle/restorative yoga to help with mobility? Obviously you'd need to be careful and communicate clearly with your instructor (and in your case I'd definitely try a live class rather than working with videos etc, at least to start) about your situation, but it might be worth a try. But whatever you do,…
  • I do at least a few asana daily and attend class 2-3 times a week...and I am currently working through YWA's 30 Days of Yoga for the third time. Love her practices and her humor. @Vune -- I squeed a little when I read your reference to Daria. I adored that show. :) I am just starting to learn mudras, but I've been using…
  • Depends on my mood, but my shortlist: warrior II, dancer's pose, downward dog, and essentially any backbending pose. I'm learning to love pigeon/king pigeon as well. And there's a lot to be said for a nice, solid tadasana, especially to start the day. :) *Edited for typo.
  • As @earlnabby said, hot and humid weather can definitely make me retain more than I normally would even if all else in my routine is essentially the same. Take a deep breath, make sure you're staying well-hydrated, and keep on keeping on. If you're down 90 pounds (congrats!), you're clearly doing something right. ;)
  • Another vote for Yoga with Adriene here. She's got a great variety of practices in terms of length, style/focus, and plenty of good stuff for beginners. And she's just fun. :) If you want to work toward building a daily (or just consistent) home practice, her 30 Days of Yoga series is a great way to start.
  • I watched my mother put ice in a glass of cabernet a couple weeks ago at a family dinner. My eye *still* has not stopped twitching...
  • Oh yeah, I hear ya. I feel great and then I get sucker-punched by a glance of myself in a mirror, window, etc., and I assume I'd react the same way to photos if I didn't run from cameras like the hounds of hell were after me. I have to take a minute and talk myself down from the ledge, as it were, on a regular basis. Part…
  • My father has Celiac, and I've used it as a crust sub for him. It was messy as heck to eat, but he ate the whole thing that I served him, so I took that as a solid endorsement. :) I made it thick with some parmesan cheese folded in, then made sure it was really thoroughly chilled and kinda dried out before I put it in the…
  • I have issues with restless legs and bouts of insomnia, too. I've noticed the nights I sleep best are when I've had a good amount of pretty vigorous exercise during the day (though not too late in the evening) -- and then follow that up with some yoga later on. Specifically, you could try Yoga With Adriene's bedtime yoga…
  • I'm 5'4" on a big hair day ;) -- and I started at 200 even, wearing mostly 16 pants and XL tops. Now, at 177, I'm in 12s and some 14s (though most of those are loose on me now) and L/XL up top. I'm also an hourglass, and a fairly busty and broad-shouldered one at that, so I suspect my top size will be slower to come down.…
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  • It does have a strong flavor, but I love it. Quality definitely makes a difference. I think it'd be delicious in a vanilla protein shake... and am now tempted to try that myself. :) I frequently blend cold coffee into my shakes if I'm having one in the morning, but this could be a nice change!
  • I'm still pretty new to the game, here, but I sometimes do pre-log (especially if I know I have a particularly tricky day coming up). On those occasions, it kind of gives me an idea of what options I have within my calorie goal, which in turn lets me decide if I want to allocate some extra calories that I'll make up for at…
  • Stash has a ginger-peach green tea that I've been hooked on lately, if you're just looking for something tasty. Great as-is or with a touch of honey or sugar. Just talking tea in general -- I'll second the rec for Bengal Spice, or in a similar vein Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy. Both great unadulterated or with a splash of…
  • @365andstillalive‌ - No worries; I appreciate the thought (though it did spit out a number that seemed REALLY high to me, too). @segacs‌ - Oh man, thank you for the math lesson! Seriously. That is hugely helpful and comforting (as strange as that may sound) and definitely gives me somewhere to start, so again, thank you!…
  • Sorry if I wasn't clear -- I meant when plugging into the TDEE calculator, not MFP's formula. :) ETA: I suppose what I should have said was "light exercise" versus "moderate exercise," looking back at what the calculators actually use as their terminology. Oops.