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  • Thanks for posting for the week. My numbers for the week: SW: 204.6 Last week: 176 This week: 178.4 Loss: up 2.4 Still going the wrong way.
  • My numbers for the week: SW: 204.6 Last week: 175.4 This week: 176 Loss: - 0.6 I'm still working to get my calorie intake down to where it needs to be again. The near-constant rain isn't helping, either.
  • I'd be up for starting up again. I could set up a thread for this Friday-although it's nearly Saturday, but anyone wanting to wait until next week, I'll set up a thread for that by Thursday.
  • I had achilles pain for almost 2 years after climbing a steep hill on a hike. I stretched and worked on trying to loosen my calves, etc. I did rest, but there's only so much of that you can do. I've been pain free now for a few months, and all I've done was continue walking - taking it easy and making sure to stretch when…
  • Illinois - 54 degrees. Forecast for Sunday is a high of 14.
  • It isn't easy. I've been pretty successful, though I've been kind of stuck for a while now, but all I do is track my calories and protein, and do my best to keep under my calorie goal, between eating and exercise, and keep my protein where it needs to be. Sorry I don't have any earth-shattering, innovative advice, but…
  • that's quite a collection of animals! I just have one cat, a 5-year-old we got from a shelter who looks like a Russian Blue.
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  • I am, not that I've posted much in this forum, but I'm still around.
  • Thought I'd add a walk I'll be doing later this month. St Louis metro east walk, September 26 - to support Alzheimer's research, 1 or 3 miles, in Edwardsville:
  • Also in the St Louis Metro East.
  • SW - 220 lbs. CW - 189 lbs. H: 5'6" GW: 160 lbs. Age: 42
  • Currently at 189 - started at 213 in January, goal is 160 - subject to reevaluation if I ever get there.
  • Guess I haven't posted here yet - wasn't sure if I qualified as "Southern", but there are a number of others posting here from the area, so...I'm in Collinsville, just a few minutes across the river from St Louis.
  • We've gone a few times, not sure if we'll make it this year or not. The friend we usually went with died a couple months ago, so I'm afraid it just wouldn't be the same without her. Can be a great way to get some walking in, though, for sure. And as for the Royals, seriously, it's usually really hot every year when we're…
  • I have a 5 year old, Minerva. She's a great little cat :smile: Note that there's another thread about cats, including pics (not that I mind more excuses to talk about my Minerva):
  • I wouldn't worry about it. Some degree of asymmetry is perfectly normal. As long as it doesn't affect your daily life, it isn't a problem. My right upper arm is significantly larger than my left. By an inch or more - if I lift my arms, say into a bicep flex pose, wearing a Tshirt, it's very noticeable. I don't do that…
  • Walking is definitely enough...depending on what your goal is, anyway. I've lost 20 lbs or so in the past year with mostly watching what I eat & walking. I try to walk a minimum of 3 miles a day, I tend to average between 3.5 and 3.8 mph. On good days, I get 5 miles in. On REALLY good days, some of that 5 miles is hiking…
  • Always nice to see new cat pics :)
  • $20/mo at a local chain. It gives me 24/7 access, to any of their locations. Really, I am rarely there outside their open hours, and I never go to any location but the one closest to home, but I have the option. The hours are more important to me, as there are times I go on Sunday evenings or other off hours.
  • No idea. I've done 50 in a day and didn't feel it a bit the next day. Never tried any more. I have problems with knee, so they're pretty uncomfortable to begin with. I'm not about to add more weight to that.
  • I do, and it can be rough not to let the ups & downs daily get to you. I often weigh a few times a day, but keep in mind that there are a lot of factors influencing fluctuations. The only weight I track is the one first thing in the morning. And I only track that in 1 of my apps. On MFP & the app I use for fitness, I only…
  • In a sense, I just got serious about it one day. There are a few things, though, that contribute to that & keeping me motivated. -My fasting blood sugar was a bit high when it was checked about a year ago, and I want to make sure that doesn't continue. I don't want to have to go on medications for that, or to have to start…
  • I saw this one in the theater...I would have been 9 or 10 at the time. The head sprouting legs sure made an impression on me. :p
  • Love horror movies. Good ones, bad ones...I've seen a LOT. Own several collections of 50 horror movies, most of which are crap, but a few classics & fun ones thrown in. Exorcist, Dracula, Nosferatu, lots of Hammer horror films, lots of '40s movies.
  • I had to switch back to my smaller jeans, after having to go buy larger ones last fall. Now getting to where I'm needing to tighten my belt to the next notch. At this point, I've lost nearly 10 lbs since January, and have around 40 or so still to go. I've also noticed I can distinguish some definition in my thigh muscles,…
  • I loved Darkwing Duck as well...though I was in college at the time :D
  • Since this is about confessions... I have a coworker, about 20 years older than me, about the same height, and overweight. I've overheard him in the past telling people that his doctor has told him he has high cholesterol & high blood pressure, but says he won't take medication, calling it "crap". Listening to him breathe…
  • There's a woman on HBO's Weight of the Nation, says the same thing - people ask her what she's doing & as soon as she starts explaining - they tune out. No one has asked me...yet, but I'm pretty sure I'd get the same reaction. Nope, no Atkins, no Paleo, no "diet" of any kind. Just changed what & how I eat & exercise…
  • Epica has a couple songs I like. I have a friend who is heavy into Sabaton at the moment & owns several Nightwish albums.
  • Like Korn's Coming Undone - other songs are hit & miss for me...Slipknot also hit & miss. Like a lot of Disturbed & much of the Device album that came out last(?) year. Also like Leaves Eyes (at least where Alex doesn't "sing" much), Tyr, some Heidevolk. Within Temptation is one of my favorites at the moment.