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  • Breakfast-two protein pancakes (mix) and sf syrup with 2 slices of turkey bacon Lunch- two air fryer chicken wings with cauli-rice and mixed veggies with garlic butter Dinner- picky plate(with light fruit and cheese and veggies with lean protein snack - 1/2 pure protein bar with decaf movement- usual walk to reach 7000…
  • do you have a food scale- THIS saved me because you can't just eyeball it-- and a half cup is so different-- the food scale is most accurate for me- good luck
  • If you are on any medication- check for the side effects. My doctor changed one of my medicines and I got the most horrible constipation. Which was only relieved though the use of ex-lax- but I finally called his office and I was put on a different medicine without this side effect. so check your medicines(goggle side…
  • Many are dropping the mask in my area(although some never wore the mask anyway-smile) BUT what are y'all going to do? I am STILL wearing mine for the foreseeable future- just wondering what's happening where you are....
  • y'all had some excellent ideas to try with the yogurt- I am going to try adding protein powders or the PB fit to mine- thanks
  • I am in GA- I got mine a few days ago-- and some other folks who ordered theirs have already received them
  • How about those mini- drumstick ice cream bars, mini- ice cream sandwiches- etc-- there are tons which can fit in our calorie allowance- or nonfat greek yogurt with fruit parfaits, or thoselittle jello cups or pudding cups etc.
  • Here in my little area of Georgia(USA)- I was able to go to an After hours or Urgent Care clinic--- I went at 8:15 in the morning and there were already 20 people ahead of me. they took my phone number (I wanted a CoVid test due to close exposure)and told me to go home -it would be about 6 hours before they could see me.…
  • I used the paleo birch benders waffle mix to make 2 mini waffles and egg whites with 1 slice of bacon for a breakfast sandwich which was delicious with lots of strong coffee
  • birch benders paleo pancakes and 1 slice of bacon with coffee and almond milk and creamer, and 3 tbs of egg whites with 1 tbs of cottage cheese yummy
  • Yes my air fryer and my fitness tracker- makes it much more fun
  • 33gail33 - I already have my booster---- but if I were you- I would go on and get my booster when time-- then worry abut If we will need another shot for the new variant later -- because it seems that if we are vaxxed and boosted we may be ok--- just my thoughts
  • I like this thread because it DOES help me and others to know that we are not alone-- and most of all- that by using mfp- a little wisdom and common sense and more knowledge-- we have MADE progress!!! I usually to eat fairly well- have been one of those women who were always "on a diet"-- but I would also always binge eat…
  • Exactly- I know it is not the same thing-- but I started using turmeric as a supplement for mild joint pain-- and it works for me-- but my dear friend when she tried it--- it made her sicker-- so yeah we are all different-- and supplementation is hard--- to figure out.
  • Noreenmarie1234-that looks like a nice size candy bar-- so yeah I could probably eat the correct serving and be satisfied. My trouble is sometimes the serving size is so small -because the bars are not full sized- then.... well anyway- that bar looks yummy-- can it be ordered online?
  • Exactly I had the Pfizer with my vaccines and just went with it for my booster too- I was fine-for my second shot- I had a slight reaction like mild flu just overnight- the booster went fine- just a sore arm as I usually have even when I get the flu shot each year- so I am so thankful to have them.
  • I have a little less than 10 pounds t go to goal- however I am taking it slow this time- I have been here before-- but I usually will start to make excuses or in some way screw up-- this time- I am taking it slow and easy-- eating the right amount and also exercising when its possible and most of all--- trying to be…
  • I am in the South in the USA- in fact in GA-- and yes- Our schools seem to have students out because of covid-- weekly--- no telling HOW the teachers will be able to grade and continue to teach the students. Ps- my niece who is a 30 something year old- vaccinated teacher (also got a break though case Covid which she says-…
  • YOu can do it- a lot of this is trial and error- keep trying- do not allow yourself to feel starving-- maybe within your window you need small mini-meals-- so long as you are IN a claorie deficit- you should lose weight- also a food scale for me- was the key!!!1
  • Also don't forget to try You-tube or Pinterest for some great ideas
  • I just got my Pfizer booster shot yesterday and I did pretty good. My arm is just a little sore(like a three out of ten) in pain-- but nothing I can not easily deal with. I had more of a reaction with my second Pfizer because I did have to lay down that night nd felt a little sick-- but this time(third- booster) went…
  • homemade pumpkin muffin with a slice of bacon and link of sausage and hot coffee
  • Yes my mama- had shingles too- it was awful especially since she was on up in age(around 90 or so). I hated to see her suffer so much. I think I will definitely get the shot when time. As for reactions- I get the flu shot each year-- usually noting major arm sore at site for while. I took both Covid vaccines- noting too…
  • I weigh daily- it helps me to see the ups and downs then I do a weekly average and chart that-- as long as its going down I am fine!
  • I am not just low carb- but i do some low carb items- I follow some you-tubers and web sites. And no I do not do keto- because for me it would not be sustainable!- I KNOW me - lol
  • I made the best french toast- (using the light 60 calorie bread and egg whites-with bacon and coffee
  • I use the primeir protein shakes in my coffee as an afternoon treat- I love and iced coffee this summer-- but I did not use the slim fast shakes- now I used to LOVE the slim fast chips but I can't find them anymore-
  • So glad that someone finally resurrected this message-- We are glad you are here I too can go overboard one way or the other-- so I am working on being balanced- counting my calories to stay in a deficit but also having some treats as well====
  • Yes- Mike-- it is incredibly SAD esp. since so many of the hospitalizations for Covid COULD have been avoided or at least stays made shorter IF they would have simply gotten the vaccine---I pray for your wife's sibling - so tired of all the collateral damage from this!