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  • Some people lose a little bit of weight and look like they have lost a lot, others lose a lot of weight and looks like they haven't lost much at all - depending on where that weight has come off from. For example, I tend to lose/gain weight around my face first, making even minor weight fluctuations look very noticeable.…
  • For me, it's a couple step process;* How long have I been having this craving for? Am I just hungry for pizza because I walked past the store and it smelt good, or have I been desperate for pizza for a week? * Am I hungry? If i'm craving food because i'm hungry, it's time to eat what i've planned to eat. Go back to point 1…
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  • I've had both an activity tracker and an apple watch. I definitely prefer the apple watch, simply because it has more use for me. I never used the in-depth tracking features apart from maybe step count, but use most features of the apple watch.
  • There are two trains of thought with keto - the first being sugar/honey is okay within net carbs and the other is that sugar/honey is the devil. If your carbs are low enough to keep you in keto, that's the main thing.
  • I strongly believe that the articles trying to say that an extra "10-12 minutes of preparation" is negligible is way out of touch. If you are working 14+ hour days and your 'free time' is limited to the hour or two between dinner and bed, 10-12 minutes is a really big chunk of your day, making convenience meals really…
  • I've lost weight calorie counting and i've lost weight calorie counting eating keto. Either way, it was my calorie balance that was the reason I lost the weight - but I do find keto more filling, satisfying and better for my recomp/muscle building goals. I don't have any 'reason' to do Keto, I just enjoy the food and how…
  • It really doesn't matter, as at the end of the day calories are 'king' for weightloss - You just have to find how to make them work for you. I personally prefer 3 meals a day when eating 'normally' (following calorie counting) but prefer 2 meals a day + intermittent fasting when on keto (still calorie counting).
  • Wearing clothes that are too large can highlight weightloss in a negative way. Go for the fitted clothes!
  • The number on the scale doesn't always equal the body you were hoping for. I've lost weight just fine but haven't been happy until I started working on the body fat percentage - not just the number on the scale. You are still also at the 'pointy end' where every lb makes a big difference.
  • Low fat and low carb is not a very good combination - it generally just ends up eating a ton of meat and constipation. Keto is not necessary for weightloss. I choose to eat keto simply because I like how it makes me feel and I find the food very filling/satisfying. Fat is important under keto as it becomes the main 'fuel'…
  • The 'thigh gap' is almost always faked using certain poses, and when it's not, it's normally made by genetics, not weight. It really isn't something to aim for.
  • I would play on the safe side and 'get back' your calories from lunch/dinner. Better to be slightly over and be ok at work than slightly under and be weak at work. I wouldn't overthink it though.
  • Ick - Generally any time something has a laxative effect, but doesn't work in the timeframe it is meant to, you are in for an unexpected surprise...
  • You need to close the temptation gap while you are still learning how to say no to all the office snacks. What I mean by this is if the option is between donuts and yogurt, it is really going to be a difficult choice. When I first started and was learning it was ok to not eat all the office sweets, I set my goal at…
  • I personally ignore BMI. It's a very generalised way to classify bodies and doesn't account for the difference in increased weight in fat vs muscle. I believe in setting a realistic goal and seeing how you feel at that goal and then reevaluating.
  • For me, keto is more of a hunger management tool over a weight management tool. I've had the same results weight-loss wise as it all comes down to calories - I do find i'm less snacky on keto.
  • If you aren't going to listen to your doctor, why would you listen to us? Ask your doctor what he would suggest and follow it before you hurt yourself further.
  • Personally, I don't go to restaurants enough to worry too much about calorie contents. I log my day except for that meal and be done with it. If i'm just guessing, and i'm going to eat it anyway, then who cares what the calories are - feels like a bit of a waste of time.
  • I was doing IF before I knew it was a 'thing' - I just do better if I don't eat until lunch. It's more of a hunger manager than a weight manager. I still eat the same number of calories as I did when I forcibly ate breakfast, but it just works for me.
  • Nope - not worth estimating calories and there is no way i'm weighing cake on my birthday. I know the impact a 'free for all' day will have and logging it won't make a difference if I don't care what the calorie content is.
  • Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way towards better health - I don't think there will be a single person here that will argue with that. However, most people will argue against the wild claims of food healing certain diseases, 'detoxing', good food vs bad food (in the context that 'bad' food poisons…
  • Scotch fillet with creamy garlic prawns... yum!