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  • Honestly, if this is something you do regularly for work, i'd be counting it as part of your everyday activity level.
  • Why are you taking these enzymes? Your body should be producing all the digestive enzymes you need. If you have been prescribed this, talk to the doctor who prescribed this to you.
  • I'm going to have to disagree a bit with igrie about feeling hungry. You don't need to feel stuffed to the gills, but you shouldn't be hungry all day every day - this is the quickest way to have a 'diet' fail. There is a difference between actually being hungry, and just feeling like you could eat if food was offered. If a…
  • The problem with this advice, is that it relies on someone being totally inactive and drinking a lot of calories. If you have lost 20kg by not drinking (soda/beer/etc.), you were drinking a LOT! It's very similar to the advice about cutting out takeaway coffees to save money - it assumes that you are making "bad" decisions…
  • I did keto for quite a few months... Does it work for you? Yes, I guess? My results weren't any different than when I was just purely calorie counting. (see point 3) Was the process to change to lower carbs hard? Yes and no. I struggled quite bad with "Keto flu" to start and got very dizzy and nauseous at work, also needed…
  • Yes, and no. I can easily eat 300kcal of veggies in a day - if I didn't count them, I would be over my goal and not achieving what I want to achieve. However... I don't necessarily count every single gram - if I know my sandwich usually has 3 pieces of lettuce, i'll use a regular count - e.g. every sandwich has just 10g of…
  • I honestly didn't mind them - They are a bit weird to get used to, but if you cook it with a good sauce it can be pretty satisfying if you're low on calories. I would always prefer regular pasta/noodles, but they are good in certain situations. Just make sure you drink plenty of water as they are just full of fibre.
  • Sounds like no where near enough food/calories. Are you meeting your weekly calorie requirements? If this is meant to be a 'normal' calorie intake for you, it is likely far too low and will likely lead to diet fatigue/binging behavior.
  • This is pretty much what I do. I prepare meals for the freezer in advance and work out the calorie count for each meal. I then eat the meals and easily log them using the recipe and meal builder. It means I have one big day of calorie counting and then lots of easy little days of calorie recording.
  • Have you changed other parts of your diet as well or have you just added the oil? Changes in diet of any kind can cause upset stomachs.
  • Advertisements are based on search history and have nothing to do with the site you are viewing. I was getting many advertisements for baby items and maternity wear because I had to do some research on the sustainability of cloth nappies for work. Clear cache, all gone. When I'm looking up ideas for my next holiday, I am…
  • Vegetables are high in carbs. When I did keto I kept my net carbs under 20g and found it severely limited what vegetables I could have (basically zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower and eggplant) and pretty much eliminated fruit. 20g isn't the 'magic' number for keto, and if you are finding the vegetable department is lacking,…
  • Personally, no - but I also don't find the whole support/accountability thing helps. There are plenty of support groups here that are free and have a big focus on support/accountability if that's what you are after.
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  • You can easily wipe out the "good" by a "bad" weekend. I can easily wipe out a whole week's deficit in an hour of overeating. There are ways to have 'cheat' weekends but still make progress, but they are generally more "planned extra food" weekends rather than 'cheat' weekends.
  • Meal prep! Find enough motivation to spend half a day cooking, freeze them up into batches and then there is suddenly a ton of meals ready to go that require no more effort than a frozen convenience meal. I cook roughly once a month for the majority of meals. I do still make an occasional fresh meal (eg. steak, salad) but…
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  • I'm not sure if calorie burns would be exactly the same, but any movement is movement! It's still more movement than sitting on the lounge.
  • I just have a small food scale at work. People thought it was weird at first, but now they don't care.
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  • Have you tried reshuffling your calories around? Your meals aren't much bigger than your snacks, and you might find each meal more satisfying if you have fewer, larger meals. I currently eat 2 meals a day (Lunch 400-500 cals, Dinner 500-700 cals) and maybe 1-2 snacks worth 110-190 calorie each (generally at the end of the…
  • Whilst I personally wouldn't exactly call it a gimmick or fad, i've done a Keto diet, which I sustained for quite some time. I already knew the reason why it worked, which is why I probably wouldn't call it gimmicky/fad-like (having plenty of success with plain CICO), but liked the satiety of high fat-low carb. Life has…
  • A lot of people join a gym, not many people continue to work out there. I think a lot of people consider having an clean facility to be the top priority because they don't know any other priority for them. When I first joined the gym I had no clue if the machinery variety was good, if maintenance was up to scratch, if the…
  • I might be interpreting this wrong, but you won't notice a sudden drop of weight after working out - if anything, you will probably gain weight from drinking water whilst working out. Weightloss is less of a day-to-day thing and more of a month-to-month. You don't necessarily need to poop once a day. Even once or twice a…
  • I wish gaining muscle was that easy! It's incredibly difficult to build muscle when eating in excess, and virtually impossible to do so when eating at a deficit - You may gain a little as 'newbie gains' but it's never much. Are you tracking your weight using a tracking app? It makes it easier to identify trends and what…
  • I liked intermediate fasting even before I knew it was a thing. I just knew I worked best when I skipped breakfast and first meal was lunch. It worked with my body (felt nauseous at the thought of eating most mornings), worked with my lifestyle, and worked with my calories. Calling it 'I.F' just makes it seem more…