intermediate fasting

has anyone anyone had any success with intermediate fasting? and if so what was your eating schedule ?


  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    It's called intermittent fasting. 16:8 or 18:8 is nothing more than eating meals and giving it a fancy name. I eat all my meals within 6-8 hours even without calling it anything.
  • KateTii
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    I liked intermediate fasting even before I knew it was a thing. I just knew I worked best when I skipped breakfast and first meal was lunch. It worked with my body (felt nauseous at the thought of eating most mornings), worked with my lifestyle, and worked with my calories.

    Calling it 'I.F' just makes it seem more acceptable to those around me who are programmed to believe 'breakfast' is the most important meal of the day (hmm interesting how that is always promoted by cereal companies, right?).

    At the end of the day, if you eat too much, you will gain weight and if you eat less you will lose weight.