Name any diet gimmicks or fads you have ever tried.:)



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    curved Tones, Love that name~ I like to sometimes, "Like last week" for this week, I use Wang Korean Red Pepper Chilli Flakes. Gives it a Nice Flavor. I have not had a problem with gassss so far its been 5months. And my Cabbage Soup sits in "Mason Jars for up to 2weeks" at a Time. I have had no problems with spoilage either. Maybe because I seal them tight like canning? I use all diffrent kinds of veggies in them, I make sure everything is diced up or puree'. then I poor it into the soup water. I have noticed that the bone in the soup makes a huge diffrents. I add a lot of spices, Black pepper, cumin, cinnamon, and cloves, ginger, cardamom, coriander, Thyme, parsley, and bay leaf, Cayenne Pepper, Rosemary, Marjoram, Tarragon. These are all my Fav so they go in everything I cook, no joking. I love them that much. I just shake, shake and shake.
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    I'm showing my age here.. but anybody remember Richard Simmon's Deal-a-Meal?
    I did that.

    OMG. I forgot to add that to my list! I did that too.

    And I tried Sweating To the Oldies, but I really am not a video person. He had a tape to use for walking that I liked, though.
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    Oh Mylanta where do I begin with all the "woo" I tried that I once believed in: CLA, Raspberry ketones, Green tea supplements, Green coffee bean supplement (which is different from green tea somehow and I was told I should be taking both), Garcinia Cambogia, L carnitine, diet pills that claim to burn fat while "reving up your metabolism", ACV. I am pretty much the poster child for woo when I began my weight loss journey 5 years ago. The worst part? I believed it worked and gave all my credit to these things when in reality I was losing weight because I was putting in the work of counting calories and exercising. I really should be the MFP cautionary tale of diet woo...
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    Fitnessgirl, you must be young, Granny here has been dieting since I was about 12yrs old with salads, cottage cheese and pinapple with pepper on top, just like "MOMMY". LOL

    But it was at 14yrs old when my journy started and since the early 70's, 80, 90, 2000, 2010, and now 2018. So I'v been on a diet for 44 years. Wow~ I never thought of that, I have been on a lot of diets and only 3 diets helped me lose weight, over the years.

    The Cabbage Soup Diet promises you can lose 10–15 pounds in a week by eating a limited diet including cabbage soup every day.

    The aerobics craze steps into high gear when Jane Fonda

    CYBERGENICS Advanced Quicktrim 14-Day Weight Loss, I lost 80lbs and kept it off until 2005 when the cancer started and after the surgery I was never the same, the weight just kept coming. Nothing worked in the last 11yrs.

    draxe com/cabbage-soup-diet/ 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off
    biblical-diet-plan,18 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, after I lose all the weight, I will just combind them, and just add the soup to a meal a day. I figured make it a life long eating habbit, I enjoy all these meals, I am a huge veggie eater so its just natural for me.

    I have not had fast food in over a year I completly cut it out of my life, I have stopped a lot of things that trigger my over eating but it has taken me many years to finaly figure all this out. I don't miss them either and I have no cravings for any of them so far.

    Hahaha Yes I am young, mid 20's, but I have pretty much tried all the "woo" out there since I got serious about weight loss 5 years ago. Just thankful I found MFP when I did and did things the right way!
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    P.s. Cancer runs in my family, it has for 5 generations. We have all had Cervical Cancer before or around 40yrs old. or endometriosis (my sister had). And we have all had historectomys, except my sister who had those tubes tied. I just wanted to say that because the diet's did not cause the cancer.
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    I did Slim fast and Atkins a few years back. Hated every second of it
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    quiksylver296; I thought you were on the bible diet.

    Grapefruit is on that Bible List! A lot of fruit is and tons of veggies, nuts the list is long.
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    I'm showing my age here.. but anybody remember Richard Simmon's Deal-a-Meal?
    I did that.
    I did too! I did the exercise videos too. Now when I hear “it’s my party and I will cry if I want to” I think about exercising with Richard. Lol!
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    ~Slimfast- ugh I Choked these down
    ~chewing gum diet- one of my friends in school told me to only chew gum all day and then just eat dinner. I did for a week and SURPRISE! lost weight, but then I wasn't really eating either.
    ~Richard Simmons- loved this, but I really didn't understand how weight loss really worked, so I never stuck to it.
    ~WW-monderate success- too expensive, and never really learned portion control
    ~Cabbage Soup Diet- I actually liked the soup,but it got old really fast.
    ~HCG drops- I don't know what I was thinking. 500 calories a day and drops. not my brightest moment
    ~Visalus- again with the shakes, they were awful.
    ~Raspberry Ketones- eh, just another supplement that did nothing.
    ~Chromium Picolinate- Someone told me this would magically make me lose weight. nope.

    It's taken me years to realize there is no magic answer. Slow and steady is where I am finally.

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    I lived in model housing in NYC, and not me, but the other guys would say “I’m hungry”, then go outside and smoke a cig then come back in and not eat lol. Meanwhile I gorged on everything
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    One meal a day
    Stop the insanity
    Slim fast
    The rubber stomach belt with Velcro as someone else posted
    Saran wrap around my stomach and thighs,swoosh,swoosh when I walked haha
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    Whilst I personally wouldn't exactly call it a gimmick or fad, i've done a Keto diet, which I sustained for quite some time. I already knew the reason why it worked, which is why I probably wouldn't call it gimmicky/fad-like (having plenty of success with plain CICO), but liked the satiety of high fat-low carb.

    Life has changed again so it's fairly unsustainable right now, the restriction of a macro in addition to the restriction of calories can be very difficult, and i'm back to just plain CICO.
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    I tried carb cycling. I didn't like it because I like fats and carbs together in a meal. Years ago I bought these 'fat burning' pills of internet. God only knows what was in them. Needless to say they didn't work.
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    Ugh forgot about "mini-thins" from my high school days. Guess that counts. All i remember is the tingling sensation in my skin and good