"Keto" Diet Question

So Somewhere I messed up.
I had a vetegable soup for lunch. That's all it was. Veggies and water.
Broccoli, Green Pepper, Garlic, Red Cabbage, Carrots, Celery, and water with salt.

I thought since it was healthy it should be good for the low carb and low sugar diet.

WELL NOW I ONLY HAVE 6 GRAMS ON CARB LEFT. .... and lets just say I didn't even reach half my calorie intact needed to stay healthy for the day. The heck? Why was it so high in carbs? It was only veggies.

I am avoiding breads, pastas, sugars, fruits, and generally sticking with fish ,tofu and veggies to lose a thing of stubborn fat but I feel like I already failed on my first day?!

How are you supposed to do a low carb diet on a healthy diet? (AKA eating a good large portions of different veggies w/ a protein ) It just doesn't seem possible :/

p.s. My breakfast had lower carbs and it was tofu, spinach, and mushrooms. :/


  • Running_and_Coffee
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    It’s really net carbs that matter. Subtract the fiber from the carbs. And even if you went over a bit, you’re likely still in a caloric deficit which is the ultimate goal, not ketosis.
  • seska422
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    Try logging before you eat. That way, you can see the impact it will have on your day before you eat something and make changes to the amounts and/or types of food in advance.
  • FlyingMolly
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    Most keto recommendations are stricter than they need to be—often much stricter. Yes, you’ll be in ketosis if you only eat 20 carbs, or 30, but I routinely get and stay there with total carbs in the 60’s. I went into the 80’s a few days ago and was still very much in ketosis, so if it’s helpful to you to be really restrictive then do it, but if it’s not, you know...don’t.

    My rule of thumb is 10% of my calories from net carbs, so carb grams minus fiber grams, times four, compared to my total calories for the day. Another way of looking at it is I need 40 calories per non-fiber gram of carbs, so I could enjoy a nice vegetable soup with no problem as long as I also eat some extra fat or protein to offset it.

    It’s more math; it’s kind of a pain. I know my 4-times-table really well by now. But it also means I get to eat all the veggies I want as long as I favor fiber-rich ones, and I can make room for fruit every day. An avocado and a few ounces of raspberries is a complete keto meal, and a nice break from eggs and bacon all the time. ;)
  • KateTii
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    Vegetables are high in carbs. When I did keto I kept my net carbs under 20g and found it severely limited what vegetables I could have (basically zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower and eggplant) and pretty much eliminated fruit. 20g isn't the 'magic' number for keto, and if you are finding the vegetable department is lacking, you might want to go higher. I eventually quit keto and went back to plain calorie counting as life changed and restricting calories AND macros was just too much.
  • Dee_D33
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    As long as you’re eating under your TDEE you will lose weight. You have not “failed.” There is no added benefit to cutting out those foods or reducing your carb/sugar intake. In fact, I would say it’s putting you at a disadvantage because you obviously enjoy those foods and therefore the diet will not be sustainable long term.
  • xbowhunter
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    I seriously considered KETO & decided it wasn't for me. It's far too restrictive & I wouldn't be able to stay on it long term.

    However from the KETO info I gathered I did stop eating all forms of bread, Pasta & Potato's. Just by cutting the high carb foods I was able to hit my goal weight much faster. :)

    I still have Beer, Wine, Veggies,Fruits & Oatmeal & I am able to maintain & or continue to drop the weight.