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I can’t stay motivated when it comes to eating healthy. My biggest weakness is not eating enough thru out the day. I get lazy and don’t feel like making the meals. Dinner is never the issue eating either. Is it ok to have meal replacements for everything but dinner?


  • serindipte
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    Or you can just eat the majority of your calories at dinner. There are many here who only eat one meal a day (OMAD). If you opt for meal replacements, just log them like anything else. For weight loss, all that really counts is that you are in a calorie deficit, however you get to that. It may make it difficult once you get down to your goal weight and try to enter maintenance, though. Better to find a more sustainable way to eat that will carry over into maintenance.
  • KateTii
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    Meal prep! Find enough motivation to spend half a day cooking, freeze them up into batches and then there is suddenly a ton of meals ready to go that require no more effort than a frozen convenience meal.

    I cook roughly once a month for the majority of meals. I do still make an occasional fresh meal (eg. steak, salad) but the majority are from my freezer stash.
  • ScrAgnX
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    +1 on meal prep.

    I made all my meals for the week in 3 hours tonight. Saves the temptation to way convenience foods (I always think just once will be alright, but it never is).

    When I stop meal prepping, I start gaining.
  • malibu927
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    Its funny how a person can tell me what I loss and didn't loss lmao. Wow.

    Unless you had a 42,000 calorie deficit over those two weeks, the vast majority of it was water weight
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    Its funny how a person can tell me what I loss and didn't loss lmao. Wow.

    How about if we tell you that detox tea is silly useless woo that doesn't do anything to help lose weight instead?
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    I don't think meal replacements will do anything except aggravate the problem. Instead, I suggest you make meals you want to eat.