Fads. Ads. Keto Slim

I was reading the recipes and other articles here on my Fitness Pal account and there was an ad for Keto Slim which I is a get thin quick solution. I’m surprised that an advertisement like that would be on this site. But maybe it does work ?


  • bpetrosky
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    Ads on MFP, as with most websites and apps, are delivered by third party ad networks. The sites don't select or approve the ads.

    The ad network choose that particular ad because something in your search history or content you've viewed recently fell into a category the advertiser wanted to target.

  • KateTii
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    Advertisements are based on search history and have nothing to do with the site you are viewing. I was getting many advertisements for baby items and maternity wear because I had to do some research on the sustainability of cloth nappies for work. Clear cache, all gone. When I'm looking up ideas for my next holiday, I am suddenly bombarded with ads for flight centres, cruises, contiki etc.
  • philrtx
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    Exogenous ketones are garbage. There are no diet secrets, there are no magic pills.
  • kshama2001
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    Ads? Haven't seen them in years.