Ideal size for tall girls?



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    I am 6 ft tall and 25 now. In Highschool I was a size 10/12 at 150lbs...went to school at 5am I took 1.5 hrs of tap dance in the morning and 1.5 hrs of ballet in the afternoon (where I worked out til I collapsed and was drenched in sweat) every other day. School was 3 stories and several buildings so I walked between with a 50 lbs backpack 4x a day. Plus rehearsals several days a week and worked after school until 10 pm about 4 days a week on average... I ate one meal a day. I was definitely too thin and at the time I felt gigantic and gross.

    I am now a size 16-20 depending on store and cut of the jeans, I weigh 250. My highest was 265 when I was on birth control which caused me to gain 100 lbs in a year. I was happiest and not jiggly at about 200 lbs and a size 13/14. I'm really just a little pudgy right now and people guess I weigh 160 or 170. I am getting married in June and want to at least get to 215.

    Old Navy makes talls that fit right on me.
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    if youre 6ft tall in a double 0 they arent smaller than you if they wear a bigger size. No criticizing but you might have an eating disorder if you are seeing bigger people as smaller than you if you wear THE smallest size available and are 115 lbs. Again not critisizing but you might want to make sure thats healthy with your doctor. Speaking from experience with body dismorphic disorder.
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    I am 5ft 10 (nearing 11) and am between a 10 and a 12 uk size at the minute. I have been as low as a size 8 (weighing 8 stone 10) but it was too skinny for me. My aim is a few more pounds to get me back to 9 stone 10 which will make me a size 10. 8 pounds to go! xx
  • I'm 5'11.5/181.5cm and I currently weigh 182lbs/82.5kg wearing a US size 12 (old navy long demins). I am definitely overweight and have 35.6% body fat percentage.

    I was at 227 in spring 2011 and started cycling for fun and dropped 25 lbs in 3 months.

    I dropped another 5 lbs over the last couple years and in October 2013 weighed 195 wearing a US size 14 (loose of same demins).

    In November I joined a gym and my goal is 155-ish/71kg, but more importantly to hover at a 25% bf or in the size 6-8 range and get into some nice clothes. Being tall and big is expensive, so I'm liking that I can shop at basic stores for clothes that fit (AND ARE CUTE!) now.

    I have a more narrow frame, I'm not big boned, so I'll fit right in with the rest of my tall and slim family which is also a plus because there's a wedding in August!

    I'd never considered bone structure until I read these posts; it's pretty cool getting a glimpse at other 'tall' shape stories. :D

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    It really depends on if you have a little curves or no *kitten* at all! I would say most people are 10-12 at a comfortable weight they can manage without being bulimic or anorexic or over the top. If you want to live your life on appetite suppressants and laxatives maybe a 6 but it's not ideal or needed. Most people look very beautiful and sexy at a 10-12 if they are tall!

    I'm actually quite curvy at a size six b/c I have wide hips, a narrow waist and some boobs. I've never taken an appetite suppressant in my life. I don't take laxatives. I'm neither anorexic nor bulimic. I will consume nearly 2,000 calories/day without any type of exercise, which is more than I can say for a lot of people on MFP. To build others up you need not put others down.
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    I'm 5'11" and my goal weight is 145lbs. At that weight I wear a 12 or 14. Why? Because my shoulders and bone structure are large, and my arms are long. These are the sizes that look good on me--usually. You have to analze your body type and decide what you like to wear. We tall ladies are all different--thank God for variety! We can all look good if we wear the right things for us.
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    I am 6' tall and at my smallest, I was a size 8 - 10. Way to small. I would love to get back into a size 14. As far as Jeans go, try You provide your measurements they will make your jeans. They are reasonably priced. You can select your material, stitching pocket, tummy control, etc... love them.
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    Can I ask if all the people replying are from the US? I think your sizes are 2 sizes larger than ours here in Ireland and UK, I'm not sure about the rest of Europe. So our size 14 is your size 10 I think.

    I'm not as tall as you guys by any measure, I have a couple of taller friends who wear UK size 16/18 and look quiet well but would not look very slim.
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    I don't think there is an ideal size for tall girls any more than petite girls. I'm 5"9 and I've worn EUR 36/38 (US 4/6) for several years and the only difference is that I sometimes have to find different shops so that the pants are long enough in the legs.
    It depends on your overall build.
  • Iy all depends on shape etc like alk u girlies have said.
    I'm 6'3 and abit, and a uk size 18
    The healthiest and smallest ive ever been able to get down to is a size 14
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    I am 6ft tall with athletic build. Was a college athlete. Understand the info I’m about to share goes along with having muscle tone, I’d assume if I was less muscular it could be possible to be slimmer. Currently doing lots of cardio to lean my muscles out. In college I worked out on avg. 3-4hrs a day. At that time my weight commonly fluctuated between 170-190. My Jean size was an 8. When I was weighing 175 or below if I jumped a million times I could shimmy my way into a 6 but they looked like they were going to explode. Graduated 2yrs ago so have been working out on my own I try to go to the gym at least 4 times a week for 2hrs. Before I started working out again (3 months ago) I weighed 200lbs. I’m back down to 193. My size 8 jeans still fit but I’m cutting it close. I think when I’m happiest about my body and feel I look best I weight around 170-175, that’s when the cellulaite disappears. At this weight I’m comfortably a size 8.

    Understand that as long as you are being healthy your body is beautiful just the way it is. Have decently good eating habits and work out on a regular basis, spoil yourself with ice cream every now and then
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    liloldDee wrote: »
    Can I ask if all the people replying are from the US? I think your sizes are 2 sizes larger than ours here in Ireland and UK, I'm not sure about the rest of Europe. So our size 14 is your size 10 I think.

    I'm not as tall as you guys by any measure, I have a couple of taller friends who wear UK size 16/18 and look quiet well but would not look very slim.

    I was thinking this. I am UK based and just under 5'8" - if I got down to a UK10 I thk I would look awful now (I am 62) and I am aiming for a UK 14. I am a UK16 now and reckon another 14lbs will see me right - just into a healthy BMI. When 20 I was a UK 10/12 and weighed just under 140 when I got married. Couldn't do that again as I suspect my face would disappear into a bag of wrinkles. :smiley:
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    Well everyone has different body types and shapes, frame sizes (or whatever). Different sizes look good on different people. I’m 5’10” and I think a 6-8 is perfect. I’m size 8 now and don’t care to go smaller. Size 4 is too skinny. I think 10 is also fine but my body carries fat in like, my stomach and when I get to that size I don’t look that great. But I know tall girls that are much bigger in size and look just fine too.
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    I’m 5’8” and weigh 155lb. Currently I usually wear an 8 but in some brands I can go down to a 6 and in others up to a 12. I’m pear shaped with a longer torso. At my smallest I was 135-140 and looked sick with visible ribs, I was a size 4-6.

    Current goal 150 and to stay an 8
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    I’m 5’9” (lost an inch as I’ve got older!!) and at lowest weight am 140lbs. I’m currently 150lbs and uk size 10 (us 6 I think). Even at 140lbs I’m still same size as I can’t go lower and get clothes to fit my shoulders!!
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    I’m 5’9”, but used to be 5’10 in my younger days. I seriously cannot even begin to talk about sizing because it is all over the board from designer to designer. But my closet has consistently been full of size 8 most of my life. My weight has went from the 120s in my 20s (yes, I was super thin, but it was natural and no one ever said anything negative) up to my highest of 168 lbs a few years ago.,where I looked overweight. No doubt, I’ve seen photos. I’ve felt my absolute best weighing about 145. I’m currently at 153-155, but I’m strength training some now, so I’m not looking so much at my clothes size or weight, but at decreasing body fat and looking fit and lean. If I like what I see in the mirror, the scale number will be incidental. It’s taken me some time to say that my actual weight doesn’t matter and actually mean it.
    And I’m somewhat small framed. I have hips and a butt, but have thin arms, feet and wrists. My 5”2” skinny female inlaws used to be pissed that I wore a smaller ring size than them. I wear a size 8 narrow shoe.
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    I'm 6'1 and currently 177lbs. I am fairly muscular though. I sit around a size 6-8.

    I've been as low as 163,but that was very lean.

    I have a bit more padding now
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    I am 5'10, weigh 235 and am in a size 14. I would like to be in a comfortable 10-12 and my current goal weight is 190.
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    I’m 5’10” and always a 2 or 4...