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  • Because it's so strict is precisely why I want to approach it as a challenge as opposed to a "lifestyle change". I have no desire to permanently cut out a major food group, especially one that I enjoy - but I am really interested in the potential side effects of keto (balancing hormones for PCOS, mental clarity, increased…
  • I weigh myself most days. I find it interesting to see how my body responds to stuff through water weight gain and loss etc. I have considered following a weight tracking app, but I'm worried that could make me a little obsessive, so I'll just stick with what I'm doing for now. I think daily weighing is good for helping…
  • My advice would be to not be so strict with yourself and to use this platform as more of a guideline. I feel like forcing yourself to hit every macro exactly is a recipe for disaster that will probably worsen your relationship with food, rather than teach you a sustainable way of eating healthily. So go on and eat some…
  • I just eat later. Most days I have dinner around 8-9pm. I also eat fewer calories during the day so I can have a large meal in the evening. Probably not great for digestion or whatever, but it really helps keep to control my binge eating.
  • Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement! I guess my expectations came from the apps last run saying "jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes)" so assumed I should be doing at least 3 miles within that 30 minutes. I'm definitely going to to keep going! I've entered a fun run on the 17th of Feb which is 6.5km. I dont think…
  • I just got a pair of Nike tights that are great. I have a quite bit of tummy floof though so that might help with keeping them up lol. Have you tried sizing down? (assuming you're not the smallest size) I always feel if they're a bit tighter they have less chance of moving anywhere. Woops clearly didn't read OP properly.…
  • I am the latter to the point where I cancelled my gym membership because ew people
  • As several people have mentioned, running = calories out. So it's going to help with weight loss by increasing your calorie deficit (assuming you don't eat the calories back). If the sole reason you want to run is to speed up your weight loss though I probably wouldn't recommend it. I think it's easier to be consistent if…
  • Oh the joys of the office at christmas time. I've got two lunches two days in a row and for one of them we're going to an all you can eat South American bbq restaurant. I'm probably not going to be able to control myself and I will definitely eat until I get the meat sweats. I guess it depends on how big your appetite is,…
  • i beg to differ B) in all seriousness though you could just add a protein shake or bar to your normal meal... or maybe have sardines or smoked salmon, cheeses (cream, cottage, cheddar to name a few), baked beans, peanut butter... obviously some of those suggestions are better sources of protein than others, but hey.…
  • Toast with avocado, tomato, bacon and a poached egg for breakfast Ham and salad sandwich for lunch And probably spaghetti bolognese with summer roasted vegetables for dinner cause that's what I have prepped atm
  • Thank you all for your tips and suggestions! I repeated another day of week 3. I was going to repeat 2 more days of week 3 before going back to week 4, but on the second day I hit the wrong button and started week 4 day 1, so I just ran with it (no pun intended). I managed to complete it without dying, and did it for the…
  • I disagree with this thread. Maybe I'm just not interpreting the message correctly? I view motivation as your "why" and discipline as your "how". The two are not mutually exclusive and are both relevant to success.
  • Well if you think about it you had 0 calories in one day and 4000 calories the next... So on average you consumed 2000 calories per day... which is probably maintenance? That's probably not how it works but hey. Binges suck but just let it go and move on.
  • I hate it if I'm honest... Especially when I'm eating with other people and I have to log my food before I forget. I always feel stupid for doing it. But it seems to be getting the job done so I will stick with it.
  • I mean technically I am wearing make up and I haven't just woken up cause it's 6pm but you can still see my acne and my hair is a mess so I'm gonna say that it still counts...
  • New Zealand - where the cost of living is stupid and the cost of ice cream is even stupider :'(
  • Thank you! Yes I completed all 3 weeks with no issues. I feel like I run at a pretty slow pace already, but I don't think I'd be able to hold a conversation. For context I'm about 30kg overweight lol. I'll see if I can try and control and slow my pace a bit more without reverting to walking :)
  • Not so much to attract the opposite sex... But more so to help me be more comfortable in my own skin and hopefully reduce any anxiety I have about being intimate with someone. Because in my current state there is no way I'm going to put myself out there like that. It's obviously not my sole purpose for wanting to lose…
  • My arms also, as well as my belly and my boobs. I just wish I had a flatter tummy that like doesn't "hang" if that's the right word? There are some bigger girls that carry their weight well and in the right places. I am not one of those girls.
  • We only just got halo top here and it's $11-$13 per tub. So your attempt at causing jealousy has certainly worked on me :'(
  • I totally agree, changing my attitude toward myself and my health was definitely my turning point as well. I feel like a positive mindset is key to everyone's journeys here, so you're definitely starting out on the right foot. Keep it up and I'm certain it will bring you success! n_n
  • Hell yeah I am loving that positive attitude! you've got this dude!
  • i dub thee smitty werbenjagermanjensen. you're welcome.
  • I don't specifically eat low carb but here's a couple of my meals that are lower in carb: bolognese with zoodles, low carb burgers (if you take away the sweet potato fries) and bacon wrapped chicken with veges. I'm pretty basic I suppose but it's tasty!
  • Awh I didn't mean to sorry :D I doubt it will make you feel any better but I probably won't be able to sleep later either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • because it's only 7pm
  • this is amazing and super motivating! awesome job!