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  • I have very inconsistent eating habits. Some days I eat as little as 600 calories and others I just am hungry all day and can have up to 2200 calories. It all evens out throughout the week. And I don't have an eating disorder, I just eat when and what I want!
  • I'm a vegetarian who leans vegan. I love making a big batch of soups or curries on the weekends which can last me all week! Staples in my diet are oats, PB, stir frys, beans and rice, FRUIT, and as many veggies as I can fit in in between! Don't over complicate things and challenge yourself to make all your old favorite…
  • I'm mostly vegan but 100% vegetarian! Feel free to add me!
  • Also consider if you put any condiments or butter or oil that could push up the calories of the veggies! But I would say that if you have to eat a lot of something, eat a lot of vegetables!
  • I would say, as a person who used to have anorexia binge purge sub-type, that you should carefully examine your diet. Make sure that you are eating enough still, and then I would consult your doctor. Not to blow things out of proportion but even losing a few pounds could make you spiral into the full fledged eating…
  • My route had a lot of rolling hills, and a few larger climbs. I will try adjusting my hand position! Glad that this thread got so much attention! Thanks all!
  • Lots of calorie dense foods! Dates, bananas, oats, beans, lentils, nuts and nut butters. The options are endless!
  • Thanks for all the advice! I bought my bike at a local shop and was fitted for it then. I'm guessing I just need to adjust my riding form and positioning! And thanks to all for the reassurance that my pace is pretty steady!
  • Thank you for all the advice! I will definitely be upping my protein intake as I was only getting about 40 grams prior to this discussion. I'll aim for 80 but that'll be a big jump. I'm not fond of eggs or yogurt, so this could be a big diet change haha
  • Thank you all, I'll check these out :D
  • When you're vegan and can't relate to most of these hahaha. No regrets though
  • Nut butters, chia seeds, flax seeds, spinach is great, I actually add avocado to make it creamier. Usually my smoothies are a mix of whatever sweet stuff I have lying around
  • I'm real
  • I'm that girl that just wears spandex and a tank top. Shorts have too much material for me, and the booty looks good in spandex so why not? Haha
  • Alto, tenor and soprano sax player here. Jazz or classical, it's all good and fun! I've been playing for 6 years now! Also I play a little bit of awful bass haha
  • [/quote] I'm the total opposite. My meals never top 300 calories each, but I eat 5 - 6 times per day. The difference is, I almost never eat bread, I hardly ever eat butter (never margarine), and I don't know what an Oh Yeah bar is, but I will eat a Quest bar if I'm in a hurry or on the run. I eat a lot of chicken, tuna,…
  • *definately
  • I always ride outside unless the weather is awful. I will defiantly try varying my routes, but there are only so many country roads haha!
  • I love love love stirfrys! Add ginger and garlic and soy sauce, you can add all the veggies you want and have some quinoa or rice on the side! Also veggie lasagna, sauté your basic veggies, and use minimal cheeses and brown rice lasagna (or other noodles). I love smoothie bowls, add some greens and it's a meal! Veggie…
  • I am vegetarian, I see a lot of comments about getting protein from meat, but you can get a surplus of protein from eating just whole foods. Eating whole foods is always the superior diet compared to junk and processed foods. I personally as though the vegan diet is the superior diet, but as long as you incorporate a lot…
  • I'm vegetarian and I recommend trying out lots of new recipes and ethnic foods! It keeps things exciting and you'll never miss the meat!
  • No pressure, but I'm on a high carb low fat vegan diet! I'm getting more toned and I have lots of energy. I've tried the low carbs, but I love my pasta, rice and potatoes. The diet I'm on now saved me from my binges and negative mood. But whatever works for you!
  • Don't stress too much over protein, you really don't need that much. But I love black beans, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, unsalted Unroasted cashews, peanut butter without added oil or salt, and I love baked tofu, try it again with a good recipe!
  • I most definitely do not have a eating disorder, but i think it is because he believes it to be unhealthy not to eat animal products. And he is a lawyer, which is obnoxious at a time like this. I need to make an air tight case to convince him that being vegetarian is the health and morally right thing to do.
  • He is dead set on the fact that I need meat, especially red meat to be healthy. I explained over and over how bad for your body it is. But he won't budge. I need a good, quick article. He won't sit down to watch any documentaries. It's rude, but I have too much respect for my parents to disobey. I want them to allow me to…
  • With the right mindset, giving up the dairy could be easy! I believe you can do it