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  • Ha! I am 47 and have taken off much of my extra weight, but I still have some to go. Feel free to add me if you want. I am not a gym rat. I mainly just walk and count calories.
  • This makes me think of a neighbor of mine, who was a good weight until a dangerous pregnancy where she was put on a medicine that made her gain weight plus put on bed rest for a long time, which also made her gain weight. The baby was born, and she very quickly and accidentally got pregnant again. She wanted an abortion…
  • Hard boil a bunch of eggs and keep them in the fridge. (And I always have whole eggs - I never eat only the whites.)
  • I love Mexican style tacos. Soft corn shells, steak, onion, cilantro, squeeze of lime, a bit of hot sauce. Yum!
  • I just choose "pan fried" rather than "broiled" or whatever from the food options. That seems to take the extra calories from cooking style at least somewhat into account. But if I were finding I were having trouble losing weight as I expected, that would be where I'd be looking.
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  • Peanut butter is one of my very most favorite foods, but I've mainly moved to PB2 in shakes for that yum. But have it if you can fit it in.
  • There's just not caring about your weight any more, and there's simple aging. I think they are two different things. Like, I could say, "I'm simply not attracted to men once their hair starts thinning. If my husband's hair thins, I'm going to break up with him because attraction is too important to me." Well, that isn't…
  • What I said sounds science-light is the idea that eating frequently "wears out" your stomach. Not anything about intermittent fasting. Eating does not wear out your stomach.
  • You and I are in similar places, though I'm a little bit older. I lost my first 35-40 pounds easily, but it's slower now. It does get harder as you get closer to a good weight. You have to just keep going. Also, 1200 calories might be lower than you need to go, and if you aren't physically weighing everything you eat you…
  • I stopped worrying about fat and I stopped being hungry all the time. When I tried to avoid fat, I'd be starving every night and would have a hard time controlling that level of hunger and would end up snacking on stuff that made me gain weight, or at least kept me from losing. It sounds counter-productive but only because…
  • "I'll ignore science if I can come up with anecdotes that appeal to me" does actually sound science-light.
  • If I have more protein and more fibrous foods, I am less hungry for carbs. Not that I'm not hungry at all, mind you, but it's easier to keep it under control. So I try to have snacks that are protein + something fibrous (like veggies.) I don't know if that's a universally helpful thing, but it's my experience. Good luck!
  • Hmm we don't do a whole lot for Easter but I do try to generally have something that makes me think of spring, just as a spring earth-revival kind of thing. We might have some egg dish I guess. I love eggs and that's very springy. Oh you know, my younger daughter plans to dye a whole dozen hard boiled eggs. I predict we…
  • I have one proper meal a day, and two shakes, and maybe a couple of snacks. I'd be starving way too often if I only consumed calories at one point during the day. And the "eating food often wears out the stomach" stuff sounds very science-light. At best.
  • I use meal replacement shakes, and I love them. I see people saying they don't use them because you won't feel full, but I feel more full using them. That is specifically why I do like them. I think all meal replacement shakes work the same, so there aren't multiple "shake plans." It's all about finding one you like the…
  • I get a headache if I go much under my calories, so I'd probably have a little ice cream or something.
  • Your tummy muscles aren't as strong as they were before your pregnancy. Abdominal exercises might be the way to go. (I am very impressed that you got down to your pre-pregnancy weight so quickly btw.) :smiley:
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  • I didn't have quite that much to lose - I've lost 40 and have maybe 20 to 30 left - but don't think of the whole 100 pounds. You'll feel somewhat better after you've lost 10 pounds. You'll feel quite a bit better after you lose 30. You'll start to feel really good after you lose 50. Just take a chunk and work on that, and…
  • Congratulations on your new baby! It takes about 6 weeks to lose all of the pregnancy weight, so you really have another couple of weeks before you know how much weight you have to worry about. Are you breastfeeding? If so, remember that breastfeeding uses about 500 calories a day, so expect to eat enough to cover that,…
  • Coffee shouldn't hurt. If anything, it seems like the caffeine might help? I thought I'd read that caffeine can help with hunger but I'm not sure. I imagine if it does it probably doesn't do much. Anyway, if you're hungry, either you're not eating enough, or you're not eating enough of certain things. Like, if I eat more…
  • I can't imagine why anyone would say that to you. Although fear of that kind of negativity is one reason why I don't really discuss my weight loss with people. People tell me they've noticed I've lost weight, but I don't bring it up.
  • My goal is to always go over my protein target. If I have more protein, I'm less hungry and less apt to crave things that aren't as good for me.
  • I'm 5'10, so tall but not that tall. You can add me if you want.
  • My husband is wonderful. We've been together for a very long time and he's very supportive. I was very thin when we got married, but then my thyroid went bad and I had a couple of kids. I've taken off the majority of the weight I put on, but he never acted like he found me less attractive or felt like I had to lose weight,…
  • I had pizza tonight. I just keep track of how many calories I've had during the day, and then calculate how much pizza I can have, and if it isn't much I have a salad with some kind of low-cal dressing and without croutons or whatever AND have however much pizza I can have as well. I eat the salad first so I'm not so…
  • I have the Mirena and I absolutely love it. I used to have hte Paraguard and it made my periods more painful and heavier. But with the Mirena I just spot a little each month, and have no discomfort. I also had terrible migraines from the Pill. I get migraines somewhat no matter what, but they've been much more rare these…
  • Wow! 114 pounds! That's awesome. :smile: You can add me if you like. I've only lost about 40 so far. I'm very impressed by 114. That takes real dedication and discipline.