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  • Perhaps you are restricting too much and that led to this binge. Trying to eat too clean and too much of a caloric deficit sets you up for failure. I would try a very mild deficit and make room for treats in moderation Daily. I make room in my calories & macros for some chocolate or something sweet EVERY DAY and that helps…
  • Do you lift weights? That and inclines like hiking and stairs intervals got my legs into incredible shape! I used to have shapeless squishy trunks for legs, now I have shapely legs with muscle definition and actual defined ankles, calves, quads & hamstrings... I never in my life thought it was possible! What are you doing…
  • If you’re in a healthy weight range already I wouldn’t be so concerned with weight but the measurements not changing is a sign that maybe you need to change your approach. You said you exercised pretty regularly for a while- what type of exercise? Like others have responded I highly recommend weight lifting- it changes…
  • It’s not really carbs or fats you need to worry about actually- but rather protein intake and total calories. Higher protein intake is what made these results more successful. Protein has a higher thermogenic effect than carbs or fat, and supports lean mass - and muscle burns more calories than body fat so you get a higher…
  • Hey, we’re the same age and height and my starting weight was around your current weight and I lost about 20 lbs!! You can do it! Also I highly recommend getting into weight lifting (or some other form of fitness you enjoy) if you aren’t doing that already- it’s good motivation to get in shape and lose weight (you have…
  • I tried and failed with MyFitnessPal maybe 2 or 3 times I think? It was because I wasn’t really tracking everything and just kinda sorta using it and didn’t have a plan or any specific motivation other than just wanting to be less fat. Then I had a health crisis which gave me a good kick in the butt to get my health in…
  • Lost about 25 lbs, gained confidence & muscle
  • You can set your calories and macros to whatever you want in goals -> calories and macronutrients menu. Personally I set my macros/calories based on a different site (Avatar Nutrition) and just use MyFitnessPal for tracking.
  • If you’ve been in a deficit for a while it might be good to try a diet break or reverse diet to get the metabolism out of a low calorie adapted state.
  • Try a reverse diet and check out Avatar Nutrition.
  • From borderline obese to muscular arms & visible collar bones ❤️
  • Be thankful- most people have the opposite problem... boobs get smaller not the rest! You're lucky you get to keep yours!
  • Makes no difference- whatever fits your schedule better.
  • Easy- keep tracking on the weekends! Also I quit alcohol so I could be serious about my weight loss goals... it's more likely that you'll go overboard on food if drinks are involved, plus alcohol inhibits fat burning and causes excess fat storage when combined with excess calories consumed. If you're trying to make…
  • I log everything- yes log the sips, log the 2 pretzels. I have been doing this 6 months and the only time I've not logged is special occasion dinners where there's like a buffet and I don't want to bother so for those I just save up between 500 to 800 calories and just eat fairly reasonably and don't track. Or if I'm on…
  • There's no time cut off for eating. There is a calorie cut off though. Stick to that and you'll do fine.
  • Try using a slow rate of loss... the lower your calories the harder it is to stay on track. I've been losing slowly but (mostly) steadily for 5 months now, so it can be done! Check out the "success stories" forum to see others who have done this. You aren't the only one who feels that way- we all struggle especially at the…
  • I use time and patience. They eventually fade on their own- no creams needed.
  • Use a slow rate of loss or a mild caloric deficit (rather than a fast rate of loss or a large deficit) to avoid this.
  • Most people on Myfitnesspal will tell you it doesn't exist but actually if you eat below your BMR for an extended period of time your metabolism will slow down and your body will start slowing down or shutting off various functions to preserve energy (hair and nail growth, healing, keeping your extremities warm, menstrual…
  • You can never fail if you keep on trying
  • Do what you need to do. He can get in board or keep slacking- that's up to him. My husband kinda half tried for a minute but then beer, video games, smoking, and pizza I guess we're just more enjoyable to him than healthy eating and the gym. Meanwhile I've continued eating well, hitting my calories and macros, and hitting…
  • Boobs first, belly last :'(
  • Also I find eating clean healthy real foods and plenty of protein and fiber helps a lot. The more sugar, refined carbs, salt, and/or high fat foods I eat, the more I ceave them. When I cut them out of my diet then I don't crave them. Unless I'm not eating enough and then I crave things that are calorie dense no matter…
  • Did you set your calories too low/rate of loss too high? I swear 99% of those who write in the forums asking about how to deal with cravings are the ones that set their calorie goal to 1200 or set their weight loss rate for 2 pounds a week... maybe it's not cravings, maybe you're just hungry. You can always adjust your…
  • Good luck with your business! I hope you are continuing to exercise and eat healthy- it's possible to reach weight loss and health goals simultaneously with other life goals and challenges.
  • Well the scale was not kind today- back up to 150 which is 2.2 lbs up from last Saturday. I'm honestly not surprised because I went over calories a few times this week and I also had Thai food last night which is high in sodium. Time to refocus on my goals and dial in the diet... I think I will make a vision board to look…
  • Remember it's weigh in day tomorrow... This was going to be YOUR YEAR people, remember?? I notice very few following this post have been giving updates!! Accountability alert!
  • Did you try to use an emoji? You can't use them in the boards it will cut off anything you write after adding one