I will get there!

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I have always hated my legs with a passion as much as being embarrassed and never have them out even in sweltering hot weather (not they we get much in the uk


  • andreaen
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    Good luck girl <3 I hope you can learn to love your legs no matter their size though, I am sure they aren't as bad as you think
  • gcconroy29
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    You will. And keep showing them off so you can actually see your progress
  • dutchandkiwi
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    I was in the same boat. And while my legs will never be model material they are now quite toned and normal size.I am so damn proud of what I achieved. Even my family commented that they would never have expected me to be able to tone them as much as I have (Neither did I, I just kept going).
    At times I look in the mirror or when I am exercising and I am amazed that these legs are really mine. I wear more (shortish) skirts, running leggings and shorts. Seriously I wear more short (and shorter) skirts than when I was 17.

    So keep going. It is totally possible
  • MaggieGirl135
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    Don’t wait until you feel that you have reached your goal to wear shorts in public. Live your life now they way you want to live it—-fully.
  • courtneyfabulous
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    Do you lift weights? That and inclines like hiking and stairs intervals got my legs into incredible shape! I used to have shapeless squishy trunks for legs, now I have shapely legs with muscle definition and actual defined ankles, calves, quads & hamstrings... I never in my life thought it was possible! What are you doing for exercise?