Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    Ok. Im not sure if this was covered or is a dumb question but I'll ask anyways. I'm in the obese category, 4'11 179lbs, so if i lift will that help me lose weight ore should i lose weight first and then tone up? Also should i consult a trainer at gym for this, bc never really lifted weights before as exercise.
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    Ya'll look amazing and have convinced me to give this a try, and I may have convinced my co-worker to try it with me! yay!
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    just posted this yesterday in another thread, but feel it applies to this thread perfectly since the bulk of my results have been due to lifting.

    for reference - i'm 5'10" - 66lbs down - size 12/14 to size 4/6.

    before -


    current -


    You look phenomenal. Would you mind sharing your starting weight? Thank you.
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    This is amazing- you all are AMAZING! I am not lifting at the moment, but I am doing bodyweight exercises (so maybe heavy lifting :tongue: ) and I hope to transition to lifting at some point in the future (ideally when I can use a bar). But I am getting stronger for now :)

    You guys are so inspiring, love seeing all these pictures!
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    Wow, I keep up with this thread, and these last few pages have some AMAZING transformations! Well done, all of you!!!! You can definitely see the payoff for dedication, patience, and commitment. I've sort of lost my way re: weight lifting, I still do it but kind of half-arsed. Have to get back into the swing, and these photos really help!!
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    I started my weight loss journey in 2014 at the age of 55 when I weighed 166 lbs. and my body fat was well over 35%. Little did I know I would start lifting weights at the end of that year. I got interested in powerlifting in October 2015 and by the fall of 2016 I had lost over 50 lbs and my body fat was down to 17%. But when I got down to 113 lbs. I started losing strength and last November I started bulking and I'm currently 138 lbs. Last month I participated in my 5th powerlifting meet in 9 months. My first meet I totaled 500 lbs. and my meet last month I totaled 600 lbs! I qualified for Women's Worlds from that meet.

    When my body fat was only 17% I really loved my body, especially my quads and my arms lol. I lost a lot of that definition since I started bulking, but I'm trying to get stronger, not participate in a physique or bodybuilding show

    Wow! Amazing job! You are a HUGE inspiration! If I'm as strong you when I'm in my 50's I'll be thrilled! Better get cracking, only a few years away...
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    @PowerliftingMom - holy cow you are amazing! What an inspiration you are to all those women who think it's too late to start lifting. Your quads are to die for. And fantastic numbers at your meet!