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    It’s not really carbs or fats you need to worry about actually- but rather protein intake and total calories. Higher protein intake is what made these results more successful. Protein has a higher thermogenic effect than carbs or fat, and supports lean mass - and muscle burns more calories than body fat so you get a higher metabolic rate. I just focus on hitting my calories and getting adequate protein intake (which for me is about 0.8 to 0.9 grams per pound of body weight). I also try to get at least my minimum fiber intake each day and eat more or less nutrient dense foods (along with a little junk food for fun).
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    aeloine wrote: »

    Atkins is high far, moderate protein and low carbs. Eat as much bacon as you can want and weight losss follows (provided ur in bdk)

    Atkins, especially the old atkins, is actually fairly high in protein so this isn't all wrong.

    Your next sentence I think should say "eat the bacon you want" rather than all that you can eat. The beauty of Atkins for many, is that you don't want to eat as much. :)

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    I stopped counting calories a while ago. I'm also ketogenic. I stopped tracking everything in MFP as well. There was simply no need. The study is accurate based on personal experience.

    The study did not say that low carb worked best, if that's what you think, or that either low carb or low fat (which also worked in the study) worked independent of calories.

    Nor did people in the study (low carbers included) lose all that much weight given the time period.

    I do not believe you gain weight on 1800 calories if not IFing, but lose on 3000-4000 if you IF. In particular, unless you are tiny and sedentary, I don't think you could possibly gain on 1800 in that you are a guy.
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    Eh, I've lost weight having a caloric surplus. I can tell you for certain I was not burning 3500 cals a day... but there it was, less body fat percentages and less weight.

    Da **kitten** ? Care to let me in on your secret?