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  • I did Keto from 2016 to Jan 2017. My body only responded when I realized its still calories and reduced intake AND my body with alcohol = limited to no Ketosis. Once I learned what worked for me I dropped 40lbs. (I was also exercising) However, the load on my kidneys was huge as I was not drinking enough water. Kidney…
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  • There is a number of pepole that talk of doing carb cycling where they move from a strict LCHF diet to one day a week they eat carbs. The few talk of it working for them and being able to go back into Ketosis with ease. This is actualy my exit plan once I hit my target goal weight wise.
  • I do for breakfast on a regular basis. Will have brewed coffee only. Most days for breakfast I do coffee and coconut oil. I have fasted for lunch but that's more of a too busy to eat lunch and I realize I am too close for dinner to then also eat lunch. I have not done a full day fasting, that might be a bit much w/o some…
  • No the: 2x is meant as: two times, not 20 g of carbs. It was over 150 I am guessing. I test my ketones now with test strips. So I know a good general area of how well I am doing for ketosis.
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  • I am 6 weeks in on Keto and yes had the flu a bit. 2x since I knocked myself out of Ketosis once with carbs. Great info in this 1hr video over on bodybuilder.com http://www.bodybuilding.com/content/ask-the-expert-panel-ketogenic-diet.html I have got some good info off of: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto As well.
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  • Great feed back. Yes it's a lot of change, but have gone into it slowly a bit. First started with the diet, then added in the cardio few weeks later. One thing I did not share was once I hit my primary weight goal, I am going to go to a low fat and moderate carb diet with an eye on calorie intake. I do have a long term…
  • Ice Cream - any. Also any box of movie candy. I have three teen boys and both of these show up in my house. The movie candy is probably the hardest.
  • Great feedback. Totally makes since. Yes intervilles in my spin classes with varied resistance. Kicks my *kitten*. Last class was 660 calories in 45min. That is allot for me. My resting heart rate is low 70's. Yes I just started working out again from 3yrs of sedentary living. High stress desk job all day, then home for…
  • Not for me. It's just down to my underwear. (I am a Male) If my glut needs worked out they just work over it. I wear sport boxers so they are fitting and thin. Preference again is female but not saying no to a male. But the OP's question was for preference.
  • I am a man and I prefer a woman. No excuses I just prefer a woman. It's not a sexual thing, I think. I would not say no to a man, but if ask to scedule with "Mike or Jennifer" I am going to start with Jennifer. If its not good then Mike it is.
  • Good feedback everyone thank you. I think the local Gym membership and a trainer for a few months makes since. If I get it down I can then put some equipment in my home. The Gym I am thinking of is only one block away from my work, I can just walk there.
  • 60! Is outstanding! Well done and stay in your groove. Remind yourself your doing it for YOU and keep at it.
  • OP sorry that is the case. As others have said tell him your doing for YOU and his support is appreciated. I have been at it only a Month. My wife has been skeptical of my efforts. It's funny too as she is a Clinical Dietitian. She has always been fit her whole life eating well and running every other day at a min. Me…
  • I was there too. In 2013 I was killing it with crossfit 3x a week and eating clean. Then my work demand went up and I let it all go. Three yrs later time for me again. Make this new journey about you and the daily positive gain even if just small wins of making time to eat right each day. Keep at it. If the wedding dress…
  • I love WhiteZombie! The beard is new venture for me. Always been a trimmed goatee kind of guy, but one packing around a few extra 40 lbs. Chin hair it's all good! Grow what is there! Hehe. I work with some Aussies. Love their direct honesty. The beard is my new power for my goals. Yes! Sounds like a very simuler goal I…
  • Still here and just knocked out another 45min Paloton spin class on metrics's with solid intervals. 580 calories burned. New record for me. Hit 185bpm a few times and backed down a bit. Great feed back everyone thank you. I am using a chest strap feeding the bike and optical on my iWatch. Both are within 2 to 3 beats of…
  • I don't daily ware mine. I only ware it when going out or traveling. My work used to be too dangerous to ware a ring yrs ago and got into the habit of not warring it daily.
  • 22lbs! That's great keep at it if there is more to your goal.
  • I want to become One of "those" people. AM workouts fit my schedule the best. However I am a night person.... need to flip that. OP: I would agree with the comments of low energy for lack of food. Maybe have a light snack 30-45 min before working out.
  • Here is a great 1hr video with the breakdown and science behind Keto and why. http://www.bodybuilding.com/videos/watch/ketogenic_diet_explained_expert_panel
  • Everything I am finding is holding protein at 20% or 25% of the total Keto diet intake. That is what I am trying to accomplish with this recipe, balancing all three, fat, protein and carbs in a meal. It's very close to dead on. Easy to make and tastes great. Bummer on the no coffee!
  • Yes the bike does take in Age, Weight and height in its calculations. Forgot about that since that's just in my user profile for my bike. The Apple watch also has age and weight too. @Meaderingm I was thinking the same thing, the KW output is the real data. OK cool I will keep going by what the bikes output is. I was…
  • Thanks for the tips. My body is keeping in Ketosis with light alcohol consumption. No killer hangovers probably due to A. low quantity of consumption B. body knows good scotch. :wink: I take the carb hit for a glass of red wine now and then as well. Still need to enjoy life a bit even if I am having to eat some of the very…
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  • I just got a Paloton Bike and loving the Paloton classes. The metrics the bike tracks is outstanding. I go back and take the class again as a recoding and it automatically shows me the difference between when I first took the class and where I am at right that moment. Loving it so far.
  • Start light with Yoga if your gym has it. If not YouTube has lots of free offerings. #1 thing that has been helping me is just starting that habit again. I force myself to do the habit. It's hard but much better to start again simple with simple goals. For me this is working.
  • A law does not stop violence from happening. There are lots of laws yet criminals with intent to harm others do so with no regard to a law. I prefer the position non victim for my family and others.
  • Clearly carry is not for you. That is fine. However if others choose to do so responsibly, that is then their decision.
  • Good call on different instructors. I will hunt around a bit. I actualy plan on ording the same saddle I have on my road bike. (the road bike upside down in the garage with flat tires and lots of dust) I used to ride a lot and plan to get back into it once its warmer outside. For sure. So far I am very impressed with it…
  • I always carry MTB'ing. I sewed a side access pocket into the lower part of my hydration pack. I can reach back and draw with one hand. G27 usualy. For road riding bit tougher as the outline of the firearm is very clear in a jersey with my extra 50lbs of body weight. I have thought of modifying a tool "Wedge" style frame…
  • I just started two weeks ago. Snacks have been a tough one for me. In the evening I tend to reach for some scotch. Will look into a few of these suggestions!
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