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  • We like it brined in pickle juice. So good and easy. After marinating for about 8 hours, you can bread with panko bread crumbs that have dried dill, salt and pepper mixed in and bake. Really good, but I like it just baked or grilled without the breading too.
  • Each of us has to find what will work for the long term, both in losing the weight, and hopefully, keeping it off. For me, I have found that moderation of all foods is the only way I can do this. I know I can not eliminate any food I love, so I am learning moderation and staying within my calorie budget. I know that if I…
  • You are definitely not alone. This happens to over 80% of people that lose weight (including myself). The real problem for me, is how to not go back to my bad eating habits. I found losing the weight was fairly easy, but keeping the weight off, very difficult. Like you said, "it is a slippery slope"! Best of luck to you!…
  • I had a Starkist tuna pouch, dehydrated onions, 1 TBSP Miracle Whip light, on a Kangaroo wheat pita pocket for lunch. It was only 185 calories. I also had carrot sticks, dill pickle and Light String cheese. My whole lunch was under 250 calories.
  • Eating that few calories you should definitely be losing weight. (BTW, you should not be eating less than 1200 calories). Are you weighing and measuring your food accurately? Overestimating your calorie burn from exercise? How long have you been at this? How much do you have to lose? Do you have any health issues that…
  • True, portion sizes are huge at most restaurants, but again, personal responsibility. Eat part of your meal and take the rest home for another meal or meals. Or simply make your own meals and eat the correct portions.
  • Perhaps, willing to concede the benefit of the doubt, but everything is marked on the labels, with serving size and calories per serving. Weighing and measuring your food and drinks should be pretty self explanatory. As adults, there is no one to blame, besides ourselves for our own weight. Blaming a culture or country is…
  • Interesting. What is so different regarding portion sizes? Please take a look at the USDA RDA and tell me how it differs from the rest of the world. In the US, there is fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, grains and dairy, year round, throughout the country. Why is it hard to adhere to eating @ your daily calorie budget…
  • Read packaging and go by the USDA recommendations for serving sizes. Weigh and measure.There are plenty of low calorie choices, and almost anything you could want to eat in the US. Everywhere. Even the gas stations have fresh fruit and veggies, hard boiled eggs, etc. Portion size in restaurants are way larger than they…
  • Call it what you will, but the ONLY way to lose weight is by eating less calories than your body burns. There is no magic to it. It is simple science.
  • Same as it is at any age, eat less calories than your burn. Weigh, measure and log everything you eat and drink and move more. Simple, but never easy.
  • Totally your choice how you spend your calories
  • and still you refuse to answer the question when is it ok to spank your child. Look the other way and pay no attention to what is going on in someone else's home. Why do you think Doctors are required by law to report cases that they expect of child abuse. It isn't because of your MYOB philosophy.
  • Why not? If you are not advocating for either side, tell me, when is it ok to spank your child. I am saying it is never ok to teach hitting is ok. Do you even have children?
  • True, it does not. And creating fear and resentment in those you should love most dearly is a good thing? Not in my world. "This hurts me more than it hurts you" Why would you want to even have the remote possibility of creating fear and resentment in your child, when you can set an example without physical violence.…
  • Doesn't matter a bit how they turned out. There is personal choice, even for children. The point is that spanking is not a lesson that should be taught to children. EVER. There are other ways of discipline, and resolving issues. Consistency and united enforcement of the discipline from the adults that are actually raising…
  • You are assuming, and you know what that does. My parents were both raised in the depression era. They, and their siblings were both spanked by their parents. They both decided that there are other ways to discipline children and raised my sisters and I without spanking. My husband & I raised our daughter the same way. She…
  • Sorry you were abused. It is not acceptable to use physical force against anyone. If you are an adult, act like one and don't teach children that it is ok to abuse (physically or verbally) anyone. There are other ways to discipline children. And, there seems to be anger in your response, perhaps a result of abuse? Just…
  • Sorry, I see a huge difference. You claim that these Italian children are getting no discipline from their parents. She is disciplining her son. He is defying her at every turn.
  • I am sorry that they are not obeying the rules, but it really is kind of off topic from the OP's issue with her son. She is turning to her peers to perhaps get some helpful ideas on how to resolve this issue with her son. She has done a lot of different things to try to solve this and he finds ways to get around her. It is…
  • No I am not an Italian mother, but I am a mother, and I have been to beaches and observed behavior by children. Which does include sand, water and balls, and sometimes even pets. Granted, they were beach balls, not soccer balls. Are you saying the children intentionally hit you in the face with a soccer ball?
  • Kids being kids at the beach. Playing in the sand and water and kicking a ball around and it is against the rules? What do you expect them to be doing at the beach? And it is not true that this mother is not trying to discipline her son, she is.
  • Who determines whether or not the person has gone through a gun safety class or whether or not there is an adequate gun safe in the home? Why ask the question in the first place.
  • Daily. It keeps me accountable and focused. I log one per week on MFP, but track on Happy Scale every day.
  • Me neither. I don't, but my husband owns guns, and has a permit to carry. They have never asked me at the doctors office. Is it because they think if the gun is in the home you will eventually shoot some one, is that the supposed concern?
  • Sure seems that way, doesn't it? Allow yourself one, once in a while. I weaned myself from them to black Starbucks. Their coffee is great, even without all the luscious add ins.
  • You should probably check with your doctor before you do anymore exercise as that seems to bring on the problem you are having. The dizziness is a concern.
  • Not much point in it, that I can see. It can hurt no one but yourself to lie to them. Drink very little (a glass of wine on holidays at most). Don't smoke. Don't take any prescription or illegal drugs. At the very least, I get weighed, and BP every visit. What you see is what you get. Besides, I don't remember the last…
  • ^^This, striking another human being is not the answer and it is not ok. Seriously people? You turned out ok. Your kids turned out ok. That makes it right? NOPE. NEVER. Striking some one is abuse. You are an adult, so act like one. Spanking is bad advice to give to a parent disciplining a 9 year old.