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  • The directions some threads go around here are amazing. I must admit that I have really enjoyed reading about how the same word has different interpretations in other countries. It has been a fascinating journey into the world of cooking. @Hanibanani2020 good to see another Aussie in the mix. Whereabouts are you from. I am…
  • Assuming you are accurate with logging both your calorie intake and your exercise burn and you haven't set yourself a goal where your required deficit has you going under 1200 calories, the amount given by MFP should be reasonably accurate for most people. The best bet is to give it a go and after a month adjust as needed…
  • The weird thing is that as a fellow Aussie I am well aware of baked potato and tuna bake yet when someone says baked goods I immediately think of things with flour and not this other stuff.
  • You actually had me perplexed and looking for a definition with that one! According to Merriam-Webster.... baked good noun Definition of baked good : a food (such as a bread, cake, or cookie) made from a dough or batter that is baked —usually plural
  • Was that fluke or are you consistent every single time? Seriously, get in the habit of using a scale for everything that is not a liquid. It will be much more accurate and save dishes. Then you should start seeing the scales drop. Winning on every level really.
  • Using measuring spoons is what you are doing wrong. The best way to deal with things like peanut butter is to put the jar on the scale and tar it to 0. Take out with the knife what you will use and see how much the scale drops by. Not only have you an accurate reading you have created one dish less. .... edit.... I didn't…
  • You ate more which means you have more food in your digestive system. This means more weight in your digestive system which will result in temporary weight gain until it is pooped out. On top of this, it is highly likely that your carb and salt levels were much higher than they normally are. This results in fluid retention…
  • So much truth in this. As I am not even 5 foot I would only be able to eat 1200 calories is I were sedentary to lose weight and not a huge amount more to maintain. Thank God for those exercise calories which gives me a much more sustainable calorie amount as I could imagine eating so little. I struggle to grasp how others…
  • That would be perfect if I were losing weight. One look at it and I'd lose my appetite!
  • @sijomial are you subtly bragging about your calorie allowance again?
  • Maybe fitting a burger and a donut would be difficult to manage and stay within calories if it were on the same day. Having a burger one day and a donut on another .... now that is doable. Besides nothing like a homemade burger with a salad on the side.
  • Sure, if you can fit it into your calorie deficit. For some having things like baked goods sometimes prevents them from overeating them as a result of feeling overly restricted.
  • I tend to go by the 4 'F's to help with constipation - make sure you are getting adequate fibre, fat, fluid and fitness. If this doesn't work then a visit to a doctor is a good idea.
  • MFP and calorie counting isn't a tool that works for everyone but it has enabled me to lose around 80 pounds and to keep this weight off for just over 3 years. It hasn't just been MFP though. There has been a lot of learning, commitment and hard work within this process.
  • F What do you need to take? Less food than you burn. It is as uncomplicated as that.
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  • If you have been in a deficit of 500 calories a day for the other 6 over this week you will still lose nearly 1/2 pound of fat. Log it, learn from in and move on. Undereating over the coming days is just punishing yourself, bringing on feelings of guilt and stressing you. This outlook will more than likely lead to a…
  • Am I the only one who can't get passed a 650 gms carbs and still being in a calorie deficit thought? I would love to have that many calories to play around with every now and then LOL! Aside from all that, great point.
  • It sounds like you may be overcomplicating things. Get down to a weight where you are healthy and like how you look in the mirror. Actual numbers fluctuate all the time so become a bit meaningless once you are within a healthy weight range.
  • You could always start with the free app on your phone Pacer and see how you fare before you spend the big bucks. It has the disadvantage of having to have your phone on you at all times but will give you an idea with determining step count and calorie burn.
  • Which are best? The ones you enjoy the most and can't live without. Just work out how you can easily fit them within your calorie allowance and enjoy.
  • For as long as you continue to do alternate day fasting.
  • Is it just me that gets a giggle when those that are 5'4 or above consider themselves to be short. Standing next to me they look rather tall!
  • Have you lost any weight at all? If not there is a fair chance you are eating more than you think you are as it has been a month. You should be able to tell by your appearance (assuming you took a before shot) whether you had lost fat and gained muscle during that time but to do this you still would not be eating in a…
  • I know it is a bit of a dad joke but......
  • From my understanding Apple watch does not sync well with MFP. Many sync Apple Watch with an app called Pacer and then sync Pacer to MFP to give a more accurate adjustment.
  • If I can I only log what I eat but if I can't I'll log the weight of the whole apple.
  • Just purchased myself an oil spray thingy from Amazon after reading this..... Cheaper long term than buying oil in a spray can.
  • I see an all carnivore diet as being Unstaintanable for our environment Incomplete in nutrition for a human to thrive and So expensive as to be unaffordable for the average person
  • If you want to preserve muscle mass your first step should be to reduce your loss to only 0.5 pounds a week. Secondly, as you are already a healthy weight for your height, you would be much more satisfied with the end result if you went down the path of a recomp rather than weight loss. This thread will tell you all you…