What fruits are best ??

I really really love bananas and cantaloupes but I’m wondering which fruits are best to loose weight, any suggestions ?


  • missysippy930
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    Whatever you want.
    As janejellyroll said calorie deficit is how weight is lost.
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    I make my own homemade chocolate syrup from 1/4 cup Hershey's cocoa powder and three tablespoons sugar dissolved in eight ounces of water in a saucepan over the burner then refrigerated for the week. A serving is about 20 calories in my coffee.

    I have tried variations of this and I have never liked it mixed in my coffee.
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    All fruits are good - they all have natural benefits one way or another. There aren't any 'bad' fruits per se.

    You lose weight through caloric deficit. So fruits can (and should) be a part of that!

    My personal fave is the Mango. Especially the ones you get out of India/asia

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    Not water melon.

    Tastes like wet straw.

    purely subjective opinion applying to me only - actually eat whatever ones you want within context of calorie allowance and balanced nutrition.
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    I really really love bananas and cantaloupes but I’m wondering which fruits are best to loose weight, any suggestions ?

    Which are best? The ones you enjoy the most and can't live without. Just work out how you can easily fit them within your calorie allowance and enjoy.
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    No food "burn" fat. Fruits are good for you in terms of nutrition so long as it fits in with you calorific deficit eat whichever fruit you enjoy. I eat banana most days and shock horror have lost weight consistently every week. Eat at a deficit and exercise, don't let your food have the power eat what you want within reason.
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    Wooo... you can only eat elderberries.... JUST ELDERBERRIES FOREVER! Actually, eat whatever you like. As stated above that some fruits are more calorically dense than others. My preferences go by the season. It was just strawberry season here and it's just started Watermelon! While you can overeat on just plain fruit, it can be hard for some of us. Yes, I plan to destroy a 5lb Watermelon tonight....
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    NovusDies wrote: »
    Weight loss is created by a calorie deficit. You can eat any fruits as part of that, but no fruit is going to create weight loss. So the "best" fruit is the one that you enjoy eating and fits into your nutritional goals.

    You may also find some are more satiating than others. It is a good idea to be very aware of what you are eating and how long it seems to "last" for you. Not just for fruit but everything. If you can remember that is great. If not, you may want to make actual notes.

    Changing how you perceive food can be helpful. I like a piece of chocolate (44 calories) with my coffee but I know from experience that it has no satiation value for me. This means the more I eat the less calories I have and the more I will struggle later with hunger. Instead of feeling deprived that I can't eat a lot more chocolate I feel relieved. Also when I eat something that does satiate me I feel rewarded because it is nice and easier to have my hunger under control. Also, later if my hunger is controlled I can have another piece of chocolate if it fits in my budget.

    Adding agreement to trying to measure how long things "last" for you. Not an exact science, because some days you will be hungrier than others and things don't last as long. But I have found by watching timings that heavier breakfast options keep me from snacking at work. I also know I can't eat dinner too early or I will wake up hungry.