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  • If you do weigh a little more because of a few extra carbs so what? A bit of extra water weight makes absolutely no difference to the amount of fat you have lost as a result of being in a deficit. You are so much more than a random number on a scale. Also, stressing over what might be will also raise the amount of cortisol…
  • Pretty sure she said dairy rather than diary.....
  • ^^This!
  • Can you experiment with herbs and spices to add additional flavour to your food to make it more enjoyable? It might also bring a bit more passion to you with cooking.
  • Do they work? If they help you stay within your calorie allowance to lose weight they work. Personally, a shake simply does not fill me up so would do the opposite. You need to also ask yourself whether you plan on consuming these shakes once you have hit your goal weight and are trying to maintain. If not you are much…
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  • What I eat for breakfast and lunch doesn't change much at all and has been this way for a number of years. I haven't found it to impede on my weight loss or my maintenance.
  • Even egg white has a teeny, weeny amount of fat in it. Less than a gram but still totally unacceptable for an experiment such as this ;)
  • Would chicken and egg even be possible, being that neither is pure protein and would mean you would also be eating .... fat!
  • I am one that needs to eat my calories to feel full. Even smoothies won't keep me full for long. Many have had great success simply with replacing soda with 0 calorie drinks. You may be one of them.
  • How about you eat 100 calories less for 6 days a week and then once a week treat yourself to a special meal where you are 600 calories more than you would normally have eaten for a meal? That way you still get that one meal a week where you aren't feeling guilty as there is no cheat, no eating over the allowance.
  • I've been maintaining for just over 3 years and still log daily. I have accepted that this is a long term thing to enable me to best keep my weight under control.
  • Do you; exercise excessively? feel depressed, irritable or anxious if you don't walk every day? feel you must exercise every day or you become restless? exercise even when you are sick or injured? calculate how much you exercise based on how much you eat, or vice versa? base self-worth solely on physical performance? deny…
  • How quickly are you losing weight? If you have been doing this for at least a month your weekly average will tell you how big your deficit is each day and whether you are eating enough. However, if you are not weighing all of your food there is a real possibility that you are eating more than you think you are.
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  • For better accuracy log all of your exercises into your Fitbit rather than MFP but log all of your food into MFP rather than the Fitbit. The Fitbit will take your heart rate and the steps that are taken while adding additional exercise into consideration and MFP has a much better database for food. MFP isn't known for…
  • I'd also suggest you go by the advice you were given here. A doctors appointment is something you will really benefit from if you are honest with them.
  • If you have not lost any weight over 4 months you are eating at maintenance rather than a deficit. If you were eating fewer calories than you burn you would be losing weight. The question to ask is whether this is because you have a medical condition resulting in you burning far fewer calories than the average person with…
  • Seriously, if a doctor says that there is nothing wrong with you walking at least 7 hours a day every day then you need to see a new doctor. How will you ever hold down a job, sustain serious relationships and relax if you are spending much of your waking hours walking?
  • Aim to eat those 1850 calories and around half of the exercise calories you burn, assuming this exercise was not included in your indicated activity level. After 4 to 6 weeks work out your average weekly weight loss and adjust how many of your exercise calories you eat back from that to keep it around that 1 pound a week.
  • Except that she was planning to only have water for the 3 days. This is what a water fast is.
  • The short answer to whether you should fast - NO!. Long answer - HELP TO THE NO! You are already a healthy weight for your height and losing 10 pounds will place you at the lower end of the BMI range. I'd suggest a focus on increased strength and fitness rather than weight loss. Look up recomposition where you are…
  • @cmriverside I'll point out what I said before. The 20% margin of error refers to the number of calories there are in each suggested serving size, rather than how big the portions are in the packaging. If it states that 100 grams of the product is 100 calories it has to be between 80 calories and 120 calories per 100…
  • If your average weight loss is around the ballpark figure of where you want it to be why would you make it harder for yourself than it needs to be? However, if you have stalled or gain for over a month it is then that you could consider doing this to work out where you could be going wrong.
  • I just love this description of these zealots. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going low carb if it works for you, but I have serious problems with those that spout pseudoscience, believing to be gospel and the only way or the best to effectively lose weight.
  • The only times it wouldn't be fine is if it negatively impacts on your sleep, or causes you to snack at other times during the day resulting in you eating too many calories.
  • I am one that weighs all my prepackaged foods and it is very rare for the food to be less than what is indicated on the label but is nearly always over. The 20% isn't the weight of the food in the actual package but how close the food is to the nutrition given on the package for each serving size. If the label says that an…
  • What a great reminder that every step forward is a step in the right direction. It is also an important reminder that this is a marathon rather than a sprint. Keep going as you can do this!
  • I am limited because of physical injuries but I just started walking and increased time and speed as fitness improved. On top of that, I purchased resistance bands to do some strength training to help preserve some muscle mass.
  • I am 4'11 and started off at around your weight but am now 95 pounds so it can be done and you can do it too. I went with KISS - keep it simple stupid! No fad diets or gimmicks, just slowly adjusting my diet to consume fewer calories while upping my exercise. If there was food that I knew I couldn't eliminate from my diet…
  • The more restrictions you apply to this the worse your disordered eating can become. It is fantastic that you admit to this, but the next step is to reach out to a professional for the best advice which is most suited to you and your health. We can support you in this journey but help from experts in the field of…
  • You are not alone with this. My depression has reached an all-time high. I have the help from my doctor and psychologist so if you haven't reached out for help please do. You don't need to do this alone.