Don't seem to be losing any fat even though in a 500 caloric deficit?

Hey all!

I've been in a caloric deficit for the past month and I feel like I'm not seeing any progress. Of course, I know that month is not that long of a time period when losing weight, but I feel like I'm staying in one place.

I'm currently eating around 1600 calories a day, which according to my estimated TDEE is being in 500 calorie deficit. I'm 23, 81 kg, 176 cm.
I have have a steady workout plan, strength training 3 times a week and doing cardio with some core work on my "off days".

Thing is, I'm not sure if my weight isn't changing because I'm gaining strength or if I'm doing something wrong. Because when I look at my belly/love-handles, etc, it doesn't seem like anything is changing or reducing.

If anyone has experience with this or has any suggestions, I'd love to hear the advice, thanks!


  • Lillymoo01
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    Have you lost any weight at all? If not there is a fair chance you are eating more than you think you are as it has been a month. You should be able to tell by your appearance (assuming you took a before shot) whether you had lost fat and gained muscle during that time but to do this you still would not be eating in a deficit.
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    Oh sorry! The third thing was googling/paranoia - messed that up.
  • If the scale hasn’t moved down at all in a month then you likely are not in a 500 cal a day deficit. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news. Get a food scale and weigh your food. Check mfp entries against usda database.
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    First off we are very similar in age, weight, and height as well as our workout program. And it looks like you’re doing all the basics right to lose weight which of course is move more, eat less. 1,600 calories should definitely be below your TDEE.

    I definitely agree to weigh everything and truly tune in your diet. Nutrition is everything especially as you get leaner. Address the incoming calories. Be absolutely positive you’re eating the calories you think you are. Food labels and the mfp database can be further off than you think. But to weigh absolutely all food seems to be everyone’s go to answer. It’s possible some people are weighing absolutely everything and in a deficit but the scale might not reflect that for some time (the scale weight absolutely will eventually drop over time guaranteed if you’re a “normal” healthy human in a deficit). Weight loss definitely isn’t a straight line down.

    People like us who are dieting but also strength training (essentially recomping) could very well lose 1 pound of fat and gain 1 pound of muscle in the same month. And the scale will basically show a month of no progress. I would spend some time taking measurements all over the body and use those along side the scale. I was in a 500 a day calorie deficit for 5 weeks and didn’t drop a pound on the scale but I was visually and actually leaner after those 5 weeks.

    I would take progress pics, take measurements all over your body, weigh daily and use trending weight, check that diet, and up the intensity (Or length of workout) on your cardio and strength training. What might “seem like” you’re not making progress might be more progress than you think.