Tracking cooking oil

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Hi everyone. I am wondering how everyone tracks oil you cook with. For example, I roast cauliflower in olive oil. Does any of the oil cook off or do I track all the oil used? Thanks!


  • lemurcat2
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    I track all used.
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    Oil does not evaporate so not sure that it can "cook off".
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    Might burn off?

    But I think it would be safe to assume that most would be absorbed.

    Realistically there are two methods:

    --accept significant imprecision: deep fried--what amount absorbed? What amount burned off? What amount of left over oil is actually detritus from what was cooked?


    --use highly caloric oil as a condiment and assume you get to enjoy every preciously expensive gram of goodness you use!

    I tend to go with the second option 😹

    Note to self: remember that aerosol cans of oil lie about 0 Calories for 1/15th of a nano second spray in hard vacuum at the surface of the moon.

    A human generated spray on earth will probably have Calories equivalent to the grams that disappear from the can after use.

    (Using kitchen grade instruments and about 30g of can: can was -30g and spray receptacle was +30.... so close enough for me, YMMV using different sprays and propellant. 1g is about 9 Cal. Most oils are around 13.5g per tablespoon, room temp)
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    If your smoke alarm isn't going off and the food is still edible (i.e., not burnt), you're not losing a meaningful amount of oil in roasting vegetables.
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    The only time I don't track ALL the oil is if I'm deep-frying, or if it's in a pretty soupy marinade - both cases where there's obviously a lot of it not getting into the food you eat at the end - then I do a percentage of it. Everything else, like roasting cauliflower that you list, I measure it and log the whole tbsp or however much it is, because most of it is going to stick to the food and be eaten.
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    Just purchased myself an oil spray thingy from Amazon after reading this..... Cheaper long term than buying oil in a spray can.