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  • Me too! So many colors, smells, textures, recipes...... ugh! Why can't I love knitting or skiing or anything as much??
  • Cereal and milk. Just make sure its a healthy cereal. I've also heard milk can aid in sleep/relaxation. Also heard the same things about bananas.
  • I go through the drive - thru because I can order what I want and not have to look at the menu,which can add temptaions. I just look straight ahead and place my order (fitting in the calories). Also I find the drive - thru keeps me from smelling the food, which can be a downfall as well. Wendy's is a better option as…
  • Love Actually is a favorite of mine. Seems hinted that Harry (Rickman) has strayed before, so you can literally see it coming with Mia, who has no scruples at all. Alan Rickman does such a good acting job though - you almost feel for him. Still, he's a grown man with a free will. Mark is in self-preservation mode. How…
  • Possibly! These are staples for me.I love those mini cukes. Also grape tomatoes. Mini stuff convinces me I'm eating more! I'm also trying the portion control "method". Sometimes it works!
  • Fiber One bars - the 90 calorie bars.Good for a quick treat. Mini rice cakes, fruit, mini cucumbers, mini bell peppers, string cheese or laughing cow & mini pouch pretzels, bruschetta, thomas' lite english muffins. You have to read some labels, but its surprising what is out there.
  • My arthritis medicine - when I have a flair - makes me crazy hungry at night! I found saving calories and having a bowl of cereal an hour before bed helped. I make it a healthier type of cereal with 1% milk. If your medication is prednisone, hunger is a side effect of it. I dread having to go on it because of the hunger,…
  • Lost 50 lbs so far - at least another 100+ to go - need motivation! Add me as well!
  • I thought this might be the range. Like I said its looooong time goal! I plan on trying to get some exercise as well, after I talk to my rhumatologist ( severe arthritis). Might try a gym to gain some strength. Appreciate the answer back.
  • What is your goal weight for your frame? I am the same height and I guess medium frame. I'm wondering what a good ultimate goal is for my build. Do you have a specific weight that you feel best at? Eventually I will discuss this with my doctor, but I have so much to lose its a long term goal. Also using diet modifications…
  • Crystal light or other "go pouches". They add flavor and hardly any calories. Personally I use one serving/pouch per quart of water.
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  • What do you eat in a typical paleo meal? How many ounces of meat/chicken? How many cups of fruits or vegs? Just curious as to what a paleo day looks like meal wise. Thanks!
  • I know this is not a solution but when I need to munch I have one of those little dum dum pops. They take time to dissolve, are sweet and they are low calorie (20 cals ea). I also want water after I have one - since I don't have much of sweet tooth. Hope this helps.
  • Could you explain the lemon detox/reset? Never heard of it - how do you do it?
  • Yes! I usually keep some halo in the freezer just in case I crave something sweet. I also like frozen grapes too. They are not ice cream by any means, but are sweet and frozen and it takes time to eat them.
  • Feel a lot better about this whole water thing. I like the juice ice cube idea. I do actually like water - but enough is enough. Flavoring it up makes sense and I'll keep using the crystal light as I have been ,as needed when its got to be something different. Also I eat plenty of vegs & fruit, so I'm not going to think…
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  • I see your point. Ethnic food at a restaurant can be a mystery to me at times. I love to cook it at home, but we all know eating out isn’t the same calorie wise. I was nervous, but tried to keep it in perspective - and I did! The encouragement I got from you all was so helpful. Thanks again!
  • Things went great! I had 2 spring rolls (108 cals), 3 pieces steamed peking ravioli & dipping sauce (257 cals), 2 cups vegetable chop suey (282 cals) and 1/2 cup steamed white rice (100 cals) along with 1/4 cup pineapple chunks. Also had water and some diet soda. All was delicious! Thanks for all the advice, everyone.
  • Thanks all! Wish me luck!
  • Thank you. Thought maybe steamed dumplings - not as bad as I thought. Just a bit nervous at the thought of dining out. Its been a while.
  • If I'm craving something sweet, I suck on those little Dum-Dum pops. Only 25 cals each - but I feel silly doing it.
  • Jenni O makes lower calorie hot dogs, low cal bread instead of buns (80 cals for 2 slices), minimal ketchup. Popped potato chips are great and have way fewer calories. This is the way I go when the family has hot dogs & chips. Most of all, have fun - it will work out!
  • Looking to lose even more, but really having trouble staying motivated. Lost 40 lbs already, but its getting harder.