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  • I Do 16:8 IF so I skip breakfast and my first meal of the day is somtime between 11:30 and 12. I tend to bring the same foods because they are easy to make, healthy, and satisfying. My first meal is a banana ( or 6 strawberries), and in a plastic microwaveable bowl I mix in 1 egg, 6 egg whites and 1 turkey sausage patty. I…
  • totally agree! I get sick of cooking and as a working mom, I need fast and easy sometimes to stay on track
  • I realize they are a little processed but so good and fast and easy to make and over all still good for you.
  • I am doing 16:8 5-6 days a week and I do like it. It keeps me on schedule. I eat less, I essentially skip a meal. It keeps me from eating all day and snacking at night. For the most part my eating window is roughly 11:30-7:30. Never in my life have I gotten so many compliments on my looks, weight, how fit I look. I do fall…
  • You can make your own breakfast sandwich for so much cheaper! Lots of turkey bacon at the store and Thomas makes a 100 cal whole grain English muffin with 8g fiber. You. An also make egg whites and make your own egg white English muffin. As far as the shake. Isopure seems to be popular I have the vanilla and I just put in…
  • I’m not a great cook either. Baked chicken is EASY. All you need is low sodium chicken broth and some seasoning like Italian season, lemon pepper, black pepper. Just take a couple boneless skinless chicken breast put them in a baking pan. Pour a little low sodium chicken broth ( like 2 TB) overthem aeason both sides. Put…
  • Their maple syrup is not bad. You can also mix it with other sugar free brands. I eat it plain on my kodiak cakes. It’s their best product I also like the BBQ sauce. The Amazing” mayo is all but that. Yuck !
  • Ezekiel is supposedly the healthiest but it’s expensive and my kids don’t care for it. I’m not paying $5 a loaf. I’ve been buying the Natures Own Lite honey wheat which Walmart sells and it’s 40 cal a slice and has fiber and only 9g carbs or so per slice before fiber.
  • Turkey bacon, turkey sausage. Avocado on toast. Oatmeal. Quest Choc protein Smoothie. Kodiak protein pancakes. Kashi go lean cereal with almond Milk
  • I have stopped buying all junk I don’t keep it in the house. I feel like I deprive my kids a little because their Mom has no self control I just buy them stuff I don’t eat. Still they are well nourished and fed. At night I take a bath and go to bed. I drink a diet soda too when cravings set in
  • On the way to a concert last week I picked up the grilled chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A w/ 1 side of buffalo sauce. Crazy healthy and yummy. And a side salad with lite dressing. Lots of protein. Whole dinner was under 350 calories.
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  • I have serious binge eating. I’ve decided to finally address it. I’m on qsymia which has helped but it’s wreaking havoc on my GI system. I’m seeing a mental health DR next month. I’ve snacked here and there but I have not binged in a couple weeks. So yay.
  • I do not eat back my calories. Because of this I’m actually at the lowest weight I’ve been in years I weighed myself the other day for the first time in a really long time. I actually do not need to lose any more weight.
  • I like the Enlightened chocolate bar as well. Not bad for 70 calories. I also like the Kroger no sugar added fudge bar. 60 calories and 4g of fiber.
  • I also wanted to add there’s a ton of high fiber cereals out there too have you had kashi go lean? A ton of fiber and protein. 1.5 cups with a cup of almond milk is 210 calories and a buttload of fiber and protein.
  • Buy some sugar free fiber gummies take 2 every morning there is 5 right there. 2 tB psyllium husk in yogurt will give you 7g. 1/2 avocado depending on size gives you at least 5g. 1/2c raspberries gives you 4g. Lots of high fiber low cal protein shakes on Amazon. Kroger no sugar added 60 calorie fudge pop has 4g fiber La…
  • I drink spArkling ice and diet soda daily along with water with water enhancer and black coffee. I drink 0 cal beverages all day. No effect at all on weight loss.
  • Not a food but the Kroger liquid water enhancer. A little squirt makes water into lemonade. I’m easily drinking 75 oz a day now just at work.
  • Berries are great. Greek yogurt I eat fage 0%. Whole grain bread. Hard boiled eggs. Whole grain crackers. Bananas. Almonds. A can of tuna fish With fat free mayo. should be very easy to stay under 100g carbs and still get in fiber. Do you like avocados? Lots of steam fresh frozen veggies those are great. I love riced…
  • I use the spray oil when I do use it that way use less
  • I have IBS/C. I absolutely have to have fiber or my whole system is backed up and in chaos. I do well with 20-25g a day or even a little more.
  • I track everything but pay little or no attention to sodium I don’t have a health reason to watch it
  • There is absolutely nothing appealing about slim fast when you can buy a cheaper, healthier meal replacement protein shake that will do the same thing even better. All you need to lose weight is to consume less calories and try to eat lean healthier choices. Btw my ex father in law’s ex wife was in a print ad for slim fast…
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  • I have a massive sugar addiction and I binge eat. I’m starting again the 16:8 fasting after a bad birthday weekend. I find I can’t have just 1 piece of chocolate it riggers a craving. I managed to lose 20+ lbs by a lean clean diet and excercise. I have some sort of low sugar low cal snack at night.
  • I have been buying the Natures Own honey wheat lite. 40 calories a slice.
  • I love the Seeds of Change quinoa and brown rice at Costco. I love Quinoa it just has so many calories for the small portion so I don’t eat it much.
  • I’m doing 16-17 hr IF because it’s the only way I can teach myself self discipline that I can’t eat all day.
  • I cant believe what a difference this liquid water enhancer has made. So much water and its like having fountain lemonade. I feel like I am cheating.
  • Best premade shake in my opinion is Premier Protein. 160 cals 30g protein 3g fiber almost no sugar. I love chocolate. I buy the 18 pack at Costco