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  • It's probably water retention due to more sodium. Yesterday I was about 2 lbs up from Thursday morning. Today I was back to where I was Thursday morning. I had too much sodium Thursday from cheese and chips.
  • Think of it as a lifestyle change, not dieting. I made a lifestyle change when I went on my weight loss journey...I didn't diet.
  • Agree with cucumber salad, I keep it simple and usually make it with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and a little zesty italian dressing. I also use them in tossed salads and will also sometimes infuse them in water for drinking.
  • I usually just steam it and season with pepper or lemon pepper.
  • Haven't read all responses, so apologies if I am duplicating. More walking, maybe on your lunch for at least 30 minutes or early morning or in the evening. While working from home, maybe get a stationary bike or treadmill to use for a few minutes to take a break.
  • Salads, but watch what they put on it if you can't request ingredients. Make sure you get dressing, if you use it, on the side and don't use it all (usually what they give you is way more than enough for 1 salad). Skip cheese since they might tend to put a ton on. Grilled chicken sandwiches (don't eat the bun or at least…
  • On the website, there is a bell for notifications at the top, to the left of the star (bookmarks) and the gear. This is where you can see where people have posted comments on threads you have posted on.
  • I usually wait until after I have made the recipe to determine the number of servings based on how I portion it out. Most things I use a 1 cup serving size, others 1/2 cup. It just depends what it is. I will portion out for that meal, then start portioning out the rest for freezer or fridge and count the number of cups I…
  • I don't use the app, only access the website. It's always going down and it's been worse yesterday and today. It's ridiculous.
  • I still track every day.
  • No fear here. I have basically changed my lifestyle and am confident I can continue on the new lifestyle. Putting the weight back on is not an option. If something happens and the weight starts to creep up, clothing starts to feel too tight, I will increase my activity and readjust my eating as needed. I no longer own any…
  • No impact. I am still logging/continuing to maintain and making sure I get exercise in, even while working from home. It's a bit easier to get exercise in as I can jump on my exercise bike or treadmill at any time and not have to feel like I am forcing myself to in the evenings after I would normally get home, when I'm…
  • I usually use the store brand of fat free, which is basically the same as Kraft, if I use it which isn't always. And I use very little. I usually stay away from it at restaurants.
  • I find them more effective as a snack, or with a meal, not replacing a whole meal.
  • If I didn't have a Vitamix, I might try this, but I wouldn't trade my Vitamix for anything.
  • I've never weighed an entire pot like that before, but I would think a plate or something more stable than a towel or potholder would be the best idea.
  • I used NS last year and lost most of my weight doing so. It teaches you portion control, for one, which I think a lot of people need. It's not necessarily more expensive than say, buying a bunch of Lean Cuisines or other frozen/prepared meals at the grocery.
  • I do chicken and salmon in mine a lot.