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  • I had a family emergency ( my dad was very ill) and had to travel very quickly, so I would probably not be able to record until I get to a scale. Luckily my dad is recovering well and has been transferred from the ICU to a normal bed. So I can think again. I should be able to get back by the first week of next month
  • Pw 105.5kg Cw 104.3 -1.2kg I had a good week. I am in keto so my weight tends to go up and down a lot during the week depending on carb intake. I am traveling to the USA this week and will be there for a month. I plan on keeping keto going whilst I am there. Wish me luck 😅
  • @jugar i am ok to jump back in. I have been on keto for a week now and I am finally starting to loose weight. My starting weight now is 105.5kg. I will just weigh in next Sunday. Thanks
  • Hi everyone I have not been on MFP for weeks, I am getting my life back on track again and also trying to start loosing weight again. I am exited to be back.
  • Pw 103.5kg CW 102.8kg Not really in keto but low carb at the moment. This week I’ll focus on drinking water and being consistent for at least 5 days of the week. I’ll stay under 1200kcals for those days. I have a wedding coming up next weekend so I’ll probably not keep that calorie limit then.
  • @conleywoods mcdonalds is my weakness as well. The worst is I can’t control myself when I order. I have to have the same order of 7 items every time. Then one day turns to a week of nonstop McDonald’s 😭. I wish it was just chicken nuggets. I am actively avoiding Uber eats, especially now that I am cutting carbs. I don’t…
  • I just stop calorie restriction for a week ….drink water and sleep as much as possible. Basically reset and start again. It’s either that or be more extreme which is never good. Stalls are normal but it depends on if you have the patience to wait them out. I don’t…I’ll rather be enjoying myself on maintenance calories for…
  • Hi, I am sorry for weighing in late. I think it’s better that my weigh in date is expected Mondays. Pw 105 kg Cw 103.5 kg I have had a good week…went a bit overboard on the weekend and actually gained a kg back. Hoping to loose that this week. I am on keto so expecting big whooshes and gains on the journey. I’ll just drink…
  • Pw 106kg Cw 105kg I have started going on daily walks and training for 30 mins, 3 days a week with my trainer. I started on Wednesday. I am looking forward to how my body reacts to adding exercising to my routine. This week I’ll just keep my carbs low and keep my steps at 4000…
  • Pw 106kg Cw 106kg My aim for this week is to move more, drink water and keep carbs low. @jugar Thank you. The corrections have just started going well. I was dealing with a mental block for weeks. I believe as I get my routine together, it would get better. Thank you for having me back
  • Hi everyone, My name is Grace, I live in Nottingham with my sister. I am now doing my PhD corrections and also trying to get back to pre lockdown weight. I am working from home but trying hard to get out of lockdown mode. I haven’t been able to weigh myself for weeks but did today and I weigh 106kg. Looking forward to…
  • I forgot to weigh my self on Sunday and went to work so couldn’t do it after because I eat. Pw 104 kg Cw 104.5 kg I am attempting to get off keto early hence the water weight gain. Hopefully I stabilize my eating pattern this week.
  • Last week went okay. I did not go out for most of the week so will try and exercise more this week. Pw 105.2kg Cw 104
  • I am now in keto and determined to stick to it till the end of February at least. My goal this week is to move. And drink water .I also want to avoid kfc chicken and stay below 25g of carbs Pw 107kg Cw 105.2
  • Hi everyone...happy new year. My name is Grace. I live with my sister, I am a pharmacist and writing my PhD thesis. My goal for this year is to be in keto as much as possible. Start swimming again and focus on weight loss. Pw 107 kg Cw 107 kg
  • @jugar Pw 106.2 kg Cw 107 kg I just control myself with all the food and snacks at home.
  • @jugar sorry about the late post. I forgot to weigh myself then eat something at work yesterday. Pw 107.2 Cw 106.2 I wasn’t very good this week but still lost weight which is probably because it’s early on in my journey. I will stick to my calorie limit as much as possible this week and do some walking as well
  • @AshenMoon aww bless you. I hope your leg gets better soon.
  • @MandiSaysHey welldone. I am also starting intermittent fasting from tomorrow. I am going to look around for an app to help me track my time. I will also try 16:8 and see how that works for me
  • @jugar Thank you. I think my weight was 108kg last Sunday
  • Hi everyone, Sorry about posting my introduction late. I took a long break from MFP and only just got the courage to come back. My name is Grace, I live in Nottingham with my sister. I am currently correcting my PHD thesis. I am home a lot and have piled on a lot more weight since I was last on the group. I am looking…
  • @jugar Thank you. I should pay particular attention to veggies and those other things this week. I don’t know why I over complicate things that can be simple.
  • Pw 95.65 Cw 95.5 I have moved to my old scale. I tried unsuccessfully this week to get on keto. I just couldn’t resist the carbs. So I am going to be calorie counting from now on. My birthday is in August so I am going to have to get more serious about tracking and dropping the pounds. I was able to stick to my calorie…
  • Hello everyone, PW 95.65 CW 95.65 It’s been an okay week...but still not moving on the scales. So I have decided to get back into keto. It helps me control my hunger and cravings. Will be transition over the next few days.
  • Sorry for the late check in. I wasn’t tracking last week or this so I lost track of time. Pw 95.65 Cw 95.65 Still maintaining at the moment but I would reduce my calories over the next 4 days to see how the scales will shift.
  • Hi everyone my name is Grace...I am a pharmacist and currently in the final year of my PhD. I live with my sister in Nottingham. Lockdown and everything that came with it took a toll on my weight by shifting my set point by around 10kg. PW 95.65 CW 95.65 I have moved away from keto and I am trying to stabilize on calorie…
  • Pumped to be back this week and on track. I drifted in and out of keto purposely this week. To carb up. Gained a bit of water weight that is almost gone now. PW 95.65kg CW 95.65kg I would focus on getting daily walks. 2l of water and low carb below 30g. Also glad to start daily tracking on MFP. I can’t wait to start…
  • Monday weigh in This was a good week for me. I had another whoosh. I felt I could have done better on some days but it all worked out great. I somewhat replicated last week, but walked a bit more every day with the peak being 7000 steps on one day. I started drinking green tea and apple cider ven....I also stuck to my carb…
  • Hi everyone, My name is Grace, I am 29 and I live in Nottingham Uk. I am a pharmacist and final year PhD candidate. I gained so much weight in the past 4 months I am talking of over 40 pounds and I think it’s because I have become sedentary. I am back in keto and making an effort to walk daily. The weight is now falling…