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  • One meal doesn't ruin all your hard work. So dont throw the baby out with the bath water! Best advice I ever received.
  • 1370, I'm 5'3" and started at 140 now 128 trying to get to a strong lean body, what ever that weighs. If I make my own food it's no problem staying within my limits. The days I exercise I find I can't eat anymore and have a surplus. The problem is when I eat out.
  • I did! I did it to reevaluate my eating habits. I like to do these challenges every once in a while. This one helped me get my snacking, and soda under control. Its not forever and never should be attempted as a diet you stick with.
  • JK, in the fridge. I will keep them 3 weeks past their sell by date. Just do the float test before consuming!
  • All in one basket. I know they tell you not to, but hey I'm a rebel.....
  • I agree, It's Paleo/Primal. If you like podcasts try listening to The primal blueprint, and The wild diet.
  • Eating, especially with family or good friends, can be a wonderful experience. I have habits that I had to reevaluate when I started my journey. Example, every time I watched a movie I must have popcorn and a soda. Then there are the times when I am bored or tired. I'd find myself in front of the fridge even though I…
  • Coconut water is a good source of potassium. I use it as a desert some nights.
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds. If you do it yourself the flavors are only limited by your imagination. Just follow the curried nuts recipe in the "joy of cooking". Just replace the nuts with seeds (if you want) and the seasoning. I have chile lime this week.
  • Chia seeds Flax meal Hemp hearts As these items absorb liquid they get larger, so drink fast!
  • I had the implant removed a month ago. Same as you i had non-stop periods. I was hungry and tired all the time. I even had hairloss from the stress my body was under. Since having it removed and an IUD put in I have lost nearly 10 pounds. Eating right and exercise is a big part but I feel better and loke I can do those…
  • I dont like to debate on the way difderent sugars are processed i go by one rule only. That all excess sugar gets processed the same way no matter where it comes from. Your body will store it in fat cells for later.
  • Organic Valley ghee butter. No lactose, shelf stable and a lot less sugar than traditional cow butter. Ooh and creamy too.
  • Thank you for your advice. I will look into supplementing for the next 2 weeks that are left!
  • Unfortunately during this detox there are no beans/lentils. So I am eating a ton of vegetables!
  • I hear you loud and clear! My BMI is on the high side of healthy and I would like to be healthier. I always feel like I have to justify my life style change. I have gone from trying to describe how I feel to people to just telling them my pants don't fit. The usual response is positive and few joke and say "buy new pants"…
  • The last time I ate out I googled the restraunt and added "healthy options" to the search. People blog about everything! You can know what you are going to order before you even leave the house. Some of the search info included pictures so that I could see how the food looked.
  • I am also on a 1200 cal. restriction. I find that if I eat a 400 to 500 calorie breakfast and limit my snacking options to meats olives and fruits, I save veggies for my meals so I dont get burn out. That I can stay within my 1200 limit with just little walking exercise.
  • Wow! That is amazing, 58 pounds is a great achievement! You have probably just hit a plateau. Your body is probably used to the workout that you have been doing. It doesn't use as much energy to get through it. If you change up how you are getting your exercise or the intensity it should help.
  • I like to change I can't have or shouldn't have, to I don't want. I always feel so powerful. I am taking back the control. Sometimes I have to say it out loud, but I say it less and less everyday because I have found myself actually not wanting the foods I used to drool over. (I work in a grocery store) As for rice, pasta,…
  • I am a tiny individual in that area anyways. At my current weight I go into a 34b but as I lose the weight I end up in a 32A ugh! It is frustrating. I wish I could lose the tummy and keep the little extra bust that gaining weight gives me.
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  • Sw:121 CW:121 EW: 110 I am hoping to lose these ten pounds in this month. I want to catch it before it gets out of control. :) then maintain. Looking for friends for this site. I have had friends that started this with me and they quit 5 months ago. I just started back up because my clothes are not fitting right and I…
  • reduced fat crackers, cheese, raw vegies and light ranch, and go-gurt,
  • :smile: i am 5' 3" currently weigh 114 i want to get down to 110 again