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  • Mine was open - it was done with a regional (spinal) anaesthetic, so I was actually awake for the procedure. I’d left it for well over a year before getting the OP (worked away from home) which resulted in the abdominal wall hole being much bigger than usual. I think I’m probably gonna slowly introduce resistance training…
  • See, I'm not really into weight lifting to get big(ger) I'm doing it solely because people tell me it will help with body definition whilst losing weight. I swam hardcore for 18 months (usually 6 days a week) and my back and shoulders were very defined (still are) so now I'm just trying to pull my arms and chest somewhat…
  • Ohh, sorry! I didn't take much notice of your profile picture and just assumed you're a bloke! You have my sincerest apologies. Lol
  • Cheers fellas, will check that app out.
  • From Huddersfield (West Yorkshire) now living in a tiny little fishing village (the sea is literally my back garden) called Port William (near Stranraer) in Dumfries and Galloway.
  • What do you mean by compound exercises? I'm completely novice when it comes to weight training. I just lift weights, then every couple of weeks when I find it's getting easier, I add a little bit more weight.
  • Just to add, I do 3 sets of 10 reps on each exercise I do.
  • Lol, I sense your frustration there, Cheesecakes! I think I'm going to go for the Fitbit One (again) it seems more reliable!
  • Thanks! I've got my overall weight loss clocked at 135lbs, I just added the 5lbs back on due to constantly gaining/losing it. Yeah, I thought about changing up the goal, I'm just mulling over trying new techniques. I figured, if I can eat the same amount of calories in fats (fats being something I've avoided more than…
  • I'm still around the 270lbs weight range - I was 404lbs when I started. So according to the HRM, 1 hour (1 mile) of swimming usually burns around between 500 - 650 calories. The rest of the calories are usually from additional weight lifting or, push ups, walking, etc.
  • Swimming and weight lifting.
  • I'm in a deficit 80% of the time, the rest of the time I'm eating at maintenance. I'm A LOT more active and healthier than I was this time last year. I swim, lift weights and as I said before, my clothing is still getting baggier (due to building muscle I assume) but unless I dramatically cut calories down (and by…
  • Just checked that LCHF group on FB - looks good! I'm going to start the lower carb, higher fat eating tomorrow. I have walnuts and eggs in, always plenty of fruit and veg, I'm just struggling for varied meal ideas! Thanks for highlighting that group, Shai, it really does look useful!
  • Pinterest - not something I'm signed up to! I'll take a look at it though - think my other half is on there. Going full fat will be completely opposite to what I'm used to - I'm used to avoiding high fats! Think I'll need to mentally re-educate myself into eating high fat, low carb!
  • There are pills that "block" fat. Well, I say block, they remove a % of fat from whatever you have eaten and you pass it as an orange liquid/oil the following day. In Britain they're called "Orlistat" or "Xenical" the high street name for it (the over the counter kind) is called "Alli" Definitely works, albeit in a gross…
  • Just to add, I don't eat meat. I eat fish - but not meat.
  • Ahhh, if only it was that simple. Seriously though, if that strategy works, I take my hat off to you.
  • Wish I could swap with you. I could nail 2000 calories in 1 sitting - easily!
  • Yep. Still a work in progress though, even though I'm over the 100lbs mark!
  • Without carbs, I'd be miserable. I've successfully lost 135 lbs (give or take a lbs) all whilst eating carbs.
    in No carbs? Comment by _EndGame_ July 2014
  • Yeah, I have watched fat, sick and nearly dead - it was one of the key reasons behind me starting to juice.
  • Also going to try some mint. I did consider using cucumbers, but, idk, I don't like cucumber by itself and I find that it makes everything else taste of cucumber, so quite hesitant about using them!
  • Been juicing now for about 3 weeks, just sticking to juicing for breakfast. I use carrots in ALL my juices - I read on multiple health & fitness sites that carrots are deemed a "superfood" and you can't have too many carrots. I like to use mainly fruits, though. I have bought some kale, which I'm going to try out tomorrow,…
  • I think the guy above meant juicing as in taking steroids. I've heard the term"juicing" in relation to that before. I have contemplated doing something with the pulp, and as nice as it smells (especially when juicing with lemons) it just looks too gross to eat!
  • Mines a Philips Vivo (I think thats what its called) really easy to operate and clean!
  • Thanks for the feedback people. Been juicing for a week now, and have decided to just stick with juicing for breakfast and sometimes in the evening. I doubt I could handle juicing for a full week, or completely replacing food with it. I just enjoy food too much!
  • I posted my success story about a month back. 12 months down, 136lbs down. I did post a thread about it, think you'll be able to find it somewhere if you want to see pictures!
  • It's a good job you mentioned the whole fluid output thing. I probably would have been running to the hospital if it came out pink!
  • Beets - I need to try one with beets!