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OK, so I used to have a Fitbit One, but, it broke many moons ago, my diet, or healthy eating lifestyle (whatever you call it) has slipped this last few months, so I've decided to get another Fitbit.

Was wondering though, how well does the flex work? Like, does it track steps that aren't there? With it being on my wrist, I don't want it logging turns of the steering wheel as steps, also, how sturdy are they? Just thought I'd ask before I toddle off and buy a new one. I'm feeling getting another Fitbit One at the minute, but figured I'd get some opinions on the Flex, first.

Just to add, I do a lot of driving (truck driver) and obviously I spend a lot of time steering, hence my concern about the flex logging steering as steps.

Many thanks, people - hope you all had a great Christmas!


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    Lol, I sense your frustration there, Cheesecakes!

    I think I'm going to go for the Fitbit One (again) it seems more reliable!
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    I love my Flex! I get "steps" just washing my hair, but the proof of the accuracy is in my results—I lost the weight and have maintained for six months.

    My first band split at the seam, but I was wearing it too tight. You need to wear it loose enough to allow airflow & water evaporation. (I only take it off to charge.)

    MFP has a Fitbit Users group:
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    I've had mine for over a year with almost no issues. Most of the issues that I have had were operator error. My charge would last for 4-5 days tops. The silent alarm always went off when I needed it to.

    If your afraid of the steering being picked up as steps there is a way to set it to be less sensitive to movement. Mine has never tracked "phantom" steps while I wasn't moving.

    It makes sense if you are pushing a cart or wheelchair that it won't pick up your steps... If the fitbit needs to move to pick up the step and you're not moving your wrist it won't read.

    I just upgraded to the Charge. I liked that it had the watch function with it.
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    The flex? If you demand a refund or replacement.. then you get ignored by costumer services.

    I have both a Fitbit Flex & a Jawbone UP24. (I'm a data nerd.) They've both failed, and both been replaced. (After all, they're tiny computers I wear on my wrist 24/7.) Fitbit customer service is amazeballs—especially compared to Jawbone!

    Edited to add that I bought my Flex directly from (And my UP24 directly from Jawbone.) I have no idea if that matters when it comes to customer service.
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    It's all a matter of personal preference. I could never get a clippy Fitbit—I'd end up putting it in the washing machine!

    I forgot to mention that I think you can log driving as an activity if you're concerned about the accuracy.

    Edited to add that if anyone wants a Fitbit friend I'm
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    I love my Flex and I haven't had any problems with it at all.
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    My Flex glitched out after about nine months of use. Once I got through to Fitbit customer service, they were great ... getting that initial reply from them was a pain.

    Expectation management is key with any of the trackers. They will miss some steps ... they will count some things that aren't steps ... for the most part the Flex does a good job of tracking overall activity. Wanting a device that can precisely differentiate between 9,999 and 10,000 actual steps ... that's expecting 99.99% accuracy .... is setting an impossible bar for what is basically a motion detector.