Weight training post hernia op

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Does anybody lift regulary that has had an inguinal hernia? I’m about 5 weeks post op for inguinal hernia surgery. Thus far I’ve avoided lifting anything too heavy (including my constantly full of energy 2 year old boy) but I’ve managed to plug away with walking and my intermittent fasting. I wouldn’t mind getting back into weight lifting, however it seems like a risky thing to do with not long having hernia surgery (which was a result of lifting pallets full of agricultural chemicals off the back of my wagon)

Any advice/insight would be muchos appreciated.


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    I had both sides done about a year apart.... first one was open and the second was laparoscopic. The laparoscopic was ALOT easier to heal from and was able to start training again fairly quickly. At the time I was playing soccer at school, and not doing too much weight training. I don’t know exactly but I believe at 3 weeks I began light jogging and by 5 weeks I was well into light weight training.

    My best advice is to use best judgement on how you feel. You’ll know when something is not right and you should stop. Take it slow and progress slowly and you’ll know when you’re doing a bit much or when you’re good to go a little more.

    I would stop what you’re doing if you feel true pain. Some stretching and being a little uncomfortable is okay, but pain, not good.
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    Mine was open - it was done with a regional (spinal) anaesthetic, so I was actually awake for the procedure. I’d left it for well over a year before getting the OP (worked away from home) which resulted in the abdominal wall hole being much bigger than usual.

    I think I’m probably gonna slowly introduce resistance training (like arm bike/elliptical) and then move onto light weights. I did actually speak to my GP about it and he pretty much told me heavy weight training should be avoided completely, whereas the the surgeon just said “at least 8 weeks”
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    I had an inguinal hernia repair about 14 years ago and, while I wasn’t lifting at the time or soon after, I’ve been heavy lifting regularly for 5 or 6 years now.

    I’ve had no ill effects, no recurrence if the old hernia and haven’t gotten one on the other side. So, no real advice for starting up now other than I’d wait a while to make sure I was completely healed and start light and go from there.

    Just wanted to put it out there that in the long term I haven’t even given it a second thought because I’ve had no problems lifting.
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    Ran a free fun run, the 43rd Annual July 4th 5-miler. Used to run it 20-something years ago with my son when he was a high school track athlete.

    According to Garmin, 5.05 miles in 44:09. Pleased with my time, had no idea how I would do. This is a tune-up for the Wharf to Wharf 6-mile fun run I’ll do the last Sunday in July. My goal is to run it at a 9:00 mile pace. After today’s effort, I think I’m in good shape to meet that goal.

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    I had a double hernia lapro operation about 10 yrs ago. Full recovery didn't take that long as i recall; about 4-6months. Obviously, you shouldn't do anyrhing that will seriously stress that area too early and graduslly work up to using heavier wts or greater wffort involving the lower body.

    DLs and Sqta are the lifts,that present the greatest risk but even OHPs involve core/lower ab muscles that can strain that area Slow and steady is the best course to avoid reinjuring yourself