What do you do for fitness?

Good morning MFP Family. I am in a dilemma. I have been a member of LA Fitness for years and I go there at least twice a week and I am also a member of Planet Fitness. I know two gyms is insane, however I joined PF because it is 10 minutes away from my job and if I go after work it is on my way home. Well I need to shut one of the memberships down, however I like LA Fitness because there are quite a bit to do but it seems like people hog the machines there, cleanliness is bad now, and I just don't enjoy it anymore and honestly I feel kind of lost when I go there and PF is laid back, cheaper, cleaner and plenty of cardio machines. I don't know what to do. Open to your insights, thoughts or beliefs. Thanks!!!


  • likitisplit
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    I work out at home using body weight exercises and run. What would work better for the types of programming you enjoy?
  • onefortyone
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    If you don't enjoy one gym and you enjoy the other one more and it's cleaner and cheaper, then I think the decision is easy!

    The amount there is to 'do' at any gym all depends on you! My tiny little gym has only 3 different cardio machines, and doesn't even have freeweights ._. but I still find loads of ways to change up my workout!
  • MrJThomasEsq
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    I've used PF before but decided I was happier at the Y where I have pool access, squat racks and GroupX classes. But you gotta do what works for you.
  • psharma06
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    I do a mixture of working out at home and going to the gym. When I go to the gym I do spinning, swimming, yoga or their strength training classes. While at home I do fitness blender, or any other home workouts. I like mixing it up!
  • blossomingbutterfly
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    I have an elliptical and a desk cycle at home. That and I much prefer walking so I'll just go outside and enjoy it (except in the winter when we have too much snow, then walking isn't fun and I hide inside with my machines).

    From what you've described, if it were me, I'd close the membership at the one that I don't enjoy anymore.
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    For fitness I chew bubble gum and kick *kitten*. And I've been out of bubble gum for a while now.
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    I'm a member of Gold's Gym, formerly The Rush, because it is 4 blocks from my office. I use them for abs classes, step aerobics classes and weight lifting classes. Most of my cardio (besides those classes) is done running or biking outside. I do use their pool (heated, indoor) when I am training for triathlons. So, about half in the gym half out, but I have made some friends at the gym so accountability is there if I don't show up to a class. It is also only $30 a month and I have a locker to keep my stuff so I don't have to leave anything in my car. I have never been to either of the gyms you mentioned.
  • Lois_1989
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    I left LA Fitness back in March because of the same reasons. Lack of machines, lack of cleanliness and they only had a 15m pool AND they upped my membership to £50 a month so I swiftly told them where they can put their membership. The only thing I miss are the classes. I used to do Body pump and Body Attack and a bit of Pilates and I thought the instructors were brilliant, BUT they are all on freelance and go to other gyms in the area, so I wouldn't base your choice on that.
  • Fitfully_me
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    When you say quite a bit to do at LA Fitness (despite all the negatives), are you referring to classes?
    From your write up it seems obvious that Planet Fitness is your preference right now.
  • JoeyB56
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    Sounds like PF is the choice. Just have to make sure you go after work, or maybe even get up early and go before work?
    LA Fitness doesn't seem to be doing it for you now. The newness of PF might inspire you.
  • hearthwood
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    Jazzercise classes.
  • MB_Positif
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    I have a barbell, a bench, a squat rack, a few hundred pounds of plates and a variety of dumbbells at home. No membership needed!
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    Swimming and weight lifting.
  • giggitygoo
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    MB_Positif wrote: »
    I have a barbell, a bench, a squat rack, a few hundred pounds of plates and a variety of dumbbells at home. No membership needed!

    I'm jealous, Mr. Positif!

    Sounds like you already know the winner, op. If the cheaper gym fits your needs, then why not save the money?

    Personally, I go to a small privately owned gym. It's basically "Average Joe's" from the movie "dodgeball." No frills, but 2 entire floors of free weights. It's awesome. I paid a couple hundred for the year.