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  • Hi Revert- My FB have always been all over the place :( Same here the throughout the day its fine! Unless I get aholdof something I shouldn't. But today I don't know.... 8:30pm Healthy dinner 10:30pm 146 glucose reading (forgot to take Lantus) (went bed with snack) 3:30 am 141 6:46am 118 I'm going to see if I get these…
  • Well my 3am reading was 143 .
  • Congrats! I hope to say the same thing one day!
  • Hi Everyone! I've been on MFP on and off for several years. I'm trying to stay committed this time. :) I was diagnosed with T2 in Jan 2012. Since then I've had a very hard time controlling my A1c last one in Sept 2015 was 9.2. In Oct 2015, I decided I was going to take control of my T2 because by my birthday in Mar 2016. I…
  • Well let me jump right in. 143 at 6:31am
  • Awesome suggestion! I'm going to try it all together. Most days I try one then another and a third but nothing seems to make an impact. So, I'm waiting on a new meter to come in the mail. Then I'm going to try all three suggestions. I workout during my lunchtime at work for 30 min but I'm up for trying all three…
  • I'm using Reli-On prime & I think its great! I had a problem with it a couple of days ago when I left it in the car overnight and the temp went below freezing. I called the manufactuer to ask what tests I could do somts to test the accuracy of the results. & instead they are going to send me out a new meter. AWESOME!
  • I'm not sure there is an accountability thread but I know how you feel! 5AM is a beast, I say go to bed with your workout clothes on. Have your favortie song playing on your phone as a ringtone, so you can wake up dancing. Then have a series of songs playing that will get you in the mood to work out. This is key>>>>>>Get…
  • It's a ploy......He says something mean, you'll think about, then ask him for his recommendations, he gets to know you better and then he'll ask you out. You look great! So that was the only way he could think of to approach you. "Break you down, make you vunerable and then pounce". Stir clear.... act like he doesn't exist…
  • BUMP! Thanks so much for the post! I love soup and I need more recipes for lunch!
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  • Don't beat yourself up about it! This is a chronic disease that have ups and downs! A what we want to do it is stay balanced. I know how it is! I am in the same boat. My FBG have been 200 for awhile and my Oct - Jan A1c is 9.2. So, yeah, when the holidays came I did not adhere to my plan and I went overboard with it. So,…
  • Hi papa369, I like that idea! I definitely love Fritos & Hummus! I'm going to try it! Thanks!
  • I absolutely agree! I know exactly how you feel! Many days I want to cry over this but instead I'm going into COMMANDO mode and getting my life and food straight! sounds like you do need a Diabetes Educator & an Endo. Go to them, tell you don't understand, have them cater a meal plan to your life & be an ADVOCATE for you…
  • Hi, Sounds like you've got a great start! Yes, for awhile you're numbers wil be all over the place as you get control over your diabetes. I'm going into my 2nd year with it and my fasting numbers are still not where I want it to be because I've been trying to find a med that works for me. I've had a hard time with denial…
  • I can't give you any thoughts but I'm right there with you! My fasting is average anywhere between 150-175 but after breakfast and throughout the day it is in normal range. Even when I have a low carb evening meal, its still high the next day. So hopefully maybe someothers can have a few opinions.
  • OOooooo! I'm so going to eat this today!
  • This sounds AWESOME! I'm going to start making and drinking more green smoothies. I especially want to make them for my 8 yr old who does not like green vegetables ( aside from canned salted green beans). I'm hoping morning green smoothies will be a healthy start. I think green smoothies may be the only way to get him to…
  • I'm having this tonight! I've waited all week to taste this. But what kind of sides do I pair with it? I think I will go crazy and put some steam asparagus ( with butter and lemon pepper) & a baked sweet potatoe. :)
  • I need to remember this I LOVE almonds and chocolate!
  • I've been diagnosed for 15 months now and mine are averaging pretty high. FBG ave around 150-180. I feel like I've tried everything. I take metformin and glipizide. My doctor believes if I lose the weight my FBG will come down. Which has happened in the past but not normal levels. Both of us are hoping that if I lose the…
  • Thanks, everyone! I will weigh myself in the morning. I've got to buy measuring tape. I think that may help with my motivatin especially when the scale slows down but the inches start to come off. :)
  • Bless you for this! I have a CRZY sweet tooth and a diabetic. I LOVE almonds & coconut! YAAY! I'm going to try this :)
  • 1.) I want to LIKE my reflection in store windows again. I use to go by a store and "slightly" :wink: check myself out in it but in the last 3 years I've avoided them (ran away from them) the like the PLAGUE! Now, I want to be able to look at them again and LIKE what I see! 2.) I'm tired of being ENVIOUS of my size 4 SIL!…
  • I know I'm late to the game but Day 1 was yesterday for me :)
  • Looks GREAT! I'm definitely going to try this!
  • That's great! I'm still pretty new to MFP and I've been apple shape forever, as well as all the women in my family. I'm trying to get fit and healthy and hopefully I can keep the apple shape down to a minimum.
  • Hi This, We are definitely twins when I saw you like Game of Thrones! Love it! I'll send a friend request. Me Age: 37 Height: 5'8" HW: 215 SW: 207 (round 2) CW: 204 GW: 155
  • Hi Vee, You and I are close! If you like friend me :) Age: 37 5'8 SW:207 CW: 204 GW: 155