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  • Ive lost 35 lbs. Some days were days and weeks were easy and some were really really hard. I hate working out. Seriously. Ive come to a place now where I have 20 more to lose and have upped my calories like you because I feel like if I dont, I will give up. Its still slowly coming off.... veeeeeeery slowly but I will get…
  • honestly .... I retain anywhere from 1 to 4 lbs of water on a DAILY basis and I have seen that most days its 3 or 4 lbs. I know thats what it is because I weigh every day and lose something about every 10 days normally. Every day between my losses .... I have water retention and weigh a few lbs more. You need to learn what…
  • 35 lbs, you can see mine in the profile pic. Hoping to lose 20 more.
  • Im at a stand still sort of myself. Ive lost 35 lbs and I have had to up my calorie intake to lose only .5 lbs a week at this point because I just cant seem to eat any less than that. I still go over some days. I have no motivation now, just keep logging and trying to at least lose that little bit. Every 3 weeks or so I…
  • for me it is when the scale stops for about 3 weeks. It just drives me crazy. I can deal with it up until that point knowing how my body works but then it gets to me. Im in that spot now. Im losing my motivation. I have about 20 more lbs to drop and I am stalled out for a little bit. One other thing is the prep. I cant do…
  • stomach and butt lol. My butt and thighs tend to be large tho lol. Also face.
  • I seriously love eating out tho I do cook at home alot. My biggest help is going online before, looking at their menu and planning out what I am going to get to fit my calories. My biggest help is plan, plan, plan ahead. ALMOST all restaurants have stuff you can eat, you just have to search. Some are really hard, like I…
  • just had mine removed 5/31, last Wednesday.
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  • Im 5 ft. Ive lost 31 lbs, you can see it in my face on my profile pic here. Need to lose about 27 more or so.
  • baked tilapia and a veggie unless you dont like fish. Its extremely filling and low calorie.
  • I have always loved turkey sandwich meat ( fat free turkey), 25 calories wrapped around a pickle slice. 30 calories .
  • Ive tried to substitute it for rice ( I am a big fan of substitution) but for the life of me, I just dont like it as rice. I love cauliflower .... It just tastes like cauliflower instead of rice to me and doesnt go with what I put it with. Ive only used a green giant frozen brand tho... maybe I need to try a different…
  • I am 5 ft, SW 190 CW 159 GW 135. Its possible I might go below 135 when I get there but I will just be thrilled to get there. My before and current pics are a yr apart, 27 lbs tho I am up to 31now. If anyone is short and wants to add me that ok.
  • 1 year apart, 27 lbs, Ive lost up to 31 since then
  • it doesnt seem to affect me. Ive been taking it for 10 yrs. I gained the weight while on it but I do not think that is what caused it. I have also lost weight now and am still on it. Everyone is different tho. I need the prozac too, too much anxiety if I dont have it.
  • I am 5 ft, started out at 190. Ive lost 28 lbs since January 12. Im at 161 now. I am on a 1200 calorie diet ( I am very short and sedentary with an desk job) but I am about to have gallbladder surgery and having regular attacks when I eat fat so some days I get 1200 and some days I dont lately. Its nearly impossible to cut…
  • if you can eat up to 3000 every Sunday, I dont see why there is an issue the other 6 days of the week? That doesnt make any sense even if you do have and ED. If you can manage one day out of the week to go way over then its not impossible to get up to your calorie limit every other day.
  • I have noticed that if I drink a cup of coffee after I get to work and a cup of coffee mid afternoon that it works wonders that I do not get hungry in between meals like I usually do.
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  • I aim for 1200 but I am also only 5 ft tall, work at a desk and rarely work out. Ive been doing this 4 months. Honestly, some weeks are a breeze and I have no problem with it once I learned what to eat to fill me up. Some weeks tho, I just want to eat everything I see. One thing I have to do is eat SOMETHING every few…
  • honestly it just sounds like water weight. It happens to me all the time. I am going thru my longest period with water weight as we speak. I eat too much sodium and it makes me retain water. I dont get upset about it, it happens all the time with me. I will get a whoosh and it will come off after a while. That s just how…
  • he needs to be reminded that you are succeeding with your weight loss and that maybe he needs to be more concerned about what HE eats instead of what you eat since you are the one losing weight while he isnt motivated to do anything at all about his own weight. And the friend .... oh, I would tell him the same thing and…
  • Ive been at it for 3 months now and I have experienced this too. It is so weird to me. I thought I was imagining the coincidence. It doesnt happen every single time but about 70% of the time it does. I will add, I am not going WAY overboard, I have only hit maintenance calories maybe twice in the 3 months ive been losing…
  • I eat one every day (since I started losing weight) at about 10, right between breakfast and lunch. Keeps me from being hungry. Keeps my morning and lunch calories pretty low because I would rather eat more at dinner time than the first half of the day.
  • Right before and right at the start I have this problem. I just give myself 100 to 200 cals extra that day if I crave something or am starving. Its miserable to deny myself during that time and it helps me keep on track. Its usually only 2 days out of the month (the craving and starving I mean) so I dont stress it too…
  • these are pretty funny lol
  • Same thing here. Doctors scale said 193 and I thought " ok, thats is just too much". I had to just bite the bullet, buy my healthy lunch and breakfast to take to work for the week and just START one day. 3 weeks later, after I had time to adapt to alot less food, I started some cardio. Not crazy cardio .... only about 20…
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  • 5 ft and my goal at this point is 140. I will probably lose more but wanted to give myself something to shoot for because I started at 190.