any 4'11 or 5 foot ladies out there?



  • Nisha_DK
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    4'11" 38 year old here. Before and during pic <----

    Starting weight 163lbs
    Current weight 136lbs
    Goal weight 120lbs

    I'm eating 1400 cals a day.

    Feel free to add me!
  • Yes2HealthyAriel
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    I AM 5'1"
  • Ldbg289
    Ldbg289 Posts: 236 Member
    SW: 195
    CW: 131.8

    Been at this since 2012(was on another site before I came here) 20 pounds....or so before maintaining
  • shanaleereimer
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    Hi Ladies

    I am 4'11 Starting weight 165 Current weight 145 Goal 123

    I am a wheelchair user and find it very difficult to exercise.

    Currently I have calories set at 1050 some days eat less, have one day a week I usually eat a bit more.

    Feel free to add ,e as a friend, so glad I found this group, eating so few calories gets very hard sometimes!

    Best of luck to everyone on their weight loss journey :)
  • Recreateyourself017
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    4'11 here! Profile pic is of my current size, about 108lbs. I started MFP when I weighed about 141! I have not fit my goals yet, so I haven't posted before and after yet.
  • Lwillis1234
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    4'11"!! :-)
  • lisavgagne
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    5'0" here and I have two pictures uploaded to my profile. One at the start (but from a flattering angle - I generally didn't keep many pictures of myself b/c I just was never happy w/ how I looked) and one from a week ago. It's AMAZING how much difference just 10lbs makes on a shortie :)

    I will try to grab a shot at each 10lbs. I have at minimum another 20 to go before. I'd like to get into the under 110 category as I was SO pleased how I looked when I was that weight almost 20 years ago. However I am 20 years older and I also don't want to age myself so I might prefer how my face looks in the 120 and under range. We shall see.
  • nomorebingesgirl2014
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    4ft 11
  • bunnysface2004
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    I'm 4 10 and weight 130 would like to get down to 100lbs. I just don't know where my calorie intake should be. I work at the gym 3 days a week doing weight machines of various types and will start p90x3 next week and could use some friends as well so feel free to add me
  • moriahgirl101
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    4'11 and trying to get down to 110. I didn't think it was possible, but I've lost 10lbs over the summer. Who knows?!
  • kristinsinger01
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    Hey guys! So I'm 4"10 and started out at 167 pounds. All the time people and friends have told me "You're not huge! You have to at least be 120!" Because the scale gives off more weight than I look. I'm proud to say, that I am eating under 1500 calories a day and walking the treadmill, doing various exercises, and cut out anything but water, and I'm proud to say that I quickly went down to 160! I want to say that reason why I'm making this decision though. My mom and dad are both borderline diabetic, and it runs strongly through the family. As a teenage girl, who already loves who she is on the inside, I want to feel better and love who I am on the outside. I have epilepsy (seizures) and I take medication that will stress me out, anger me, depress me, and it makes me have anxiety. Since I've been working out and eating healthy, I have felt more positive and happier. I'm glad that this forum has been created for other shorties who are trying to lose weight. Exercising isn't as bad as I first expected, the adrenaline wakes me up, and eating healthy is amazing because there are so many alternatives to eating healthy without pigging out on something unhealthy! Good luck on your weight loss journeys! #KeepPushing #ICan'tStop #ICanDoIt
  • 4ft 11. 125lb
  • slimstrauss
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    5ft 119lbs
  • perkymommy
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    I'm 4'11 and not at my goal weight yet but started at 150 and goal weight is 120-125, then I may set another goal once I hit that.
  • kickingitup
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    Hi, I am 4'11 too! I just started again last month at 168, so far I'm down to 153.4ibs. Gw 120. My calories ate 1200. Add me, will love more support and someone who can understand the struggle...
  • jennibabie87
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    5' 93lbs and trying to gain about 15lbs. I have the opposite problem that everyone else has.
  • alugo89
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    Hi, I am 4'11 too! I just started again last month at 168, so far I'm down to 153.4ibs. Gw 120. My calories ate 1200. Add me, will love more support and someone who can understand the struggle...

    Hey! I know your post is a few months old but I'm hoping to keep this going. How is your progress going or anyone else here? I'm 4'11 and currently around 160lbs. Was 100-110 most of my life. I'm 27 now and around 24/25 I started gaining and gained 40 lbs since I met my husband in 2013 :(.

  • l911jnt
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    I am 5 ft, SW 190 CW 159 GW 135. Its possible I might go below 135 when I get there but I will just be thrilled to get there. My before and current pics are a yr apart, 27 lbs tho I am up to 31now. If anyone is short and wants to add me that ok. qdi9ha5q8sn9.jpg