Prozac stopping me from losing weight?

I have gained 30+ pounds in the last few years and my dr thinks it's due in part to the Prozac I take for panic attacks (started in grad school while I was working on my PhD with 3 small kids). I'm not sure I want to give up the Prozac but I can't seem to lose weight. Anybody else had this problem??


  • l911jnt
    l911jnt Posts: 162 Member
    it doesnt seem to affect me. Ive been taking it for 10 yrs. I gained the weight while on it but I do not think that is what caused it. I have also lost weight now and am still on it. Everyone is different tho. I need the prozac too, too much anxiety if I dont have it.
  • coeddig
    coeddig Posts: 9 Member
    Took a meds break last Nov from quetiapine, citalopram, diazepam and zolpidem. I'd got NHS therapy to help me through though. Have stayed off drugs and really want to keep that way. Gained weight for first 6 weeks or so (comfort eating and really bad choices) but slowly improved and been losing since, v slowly tho.
    Think you need good support to come off meds and don't just do it urself but I reckon it helps a lot.