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  • Cold brew coffee concentrate, wine, frozen shrimp (the Argentinian red is so good), frozen chicken fried rice, pita chips, hummus, cookie butter sandwich cookies
  • I will be having tuna salad with "everything" ritz crackers and fresh pineapple
  • I really like the Evol bowls and Michael Angelo's meals...some of them are a little higher in calories/fat but not too the ingredient list is fairly short and not a lot of weird chemical-y stuff.
  • Before: about 210 (in 2010) After: 140 (in 2012) Sorry if the first pic shows up tiny... I am 5'5"
  • I originally lost weight with Weight Watchers (2011-2012) with the Flex Points/PointsPlus program and I liked it at first but ended up getting burnt out and tried calorie counting with MFP to lose the rest (10 pounds) and maintain. Calorie counting is much more sustainable for me, and it just makes more sense than "points"…
  • I know a lot of people don't like them...but I really like Jack's frozen pizzas. 1/2 of a pizza is about 500-600 cals give or take, and the crust is thinner and crunchy (which I prefer in frozen pizza). I like the Mexican and supreme best. Sometimes I will get a plain cheese one and make it BBQ chicken style - I add…
  • Frozen peaches and blueberries are great together in plain oatmeal with a little honey. Also, PB + honey + banana is a favorite! Dried cherries + walnuts or pecans is a yummy combo too.
  • My easy "recipe" is canned chicken, light mayo, celery, onion, pickles, hard boiled egg whites, avocado, salt and pepper. Sometimes I add some pasta too. Delicious!
  • I enjoy diet A&W root beer, diet cherry pepsi, diet cherry 7 Up and diet cream soda (when I can find it). Pepsi Max is also pretty good, but I haven't seen that around lately.
  • I like the balance bars - chocolate chip cookie dough and lemon meringue. Luna protein bars are also good but not super high in protein (and kinda high in sugar too...). The Quest chocolate chip cookie dough is pretty good since they switched up the new formula.
  • And I just noticed the original post on this thread was back in 2011...haha oops!
  • What about a taco salad without the fried shell and crunch up a few tortilla chips on top? Then use salsa for dressing.
  • International Delight and Coffeemate both have a caramel creamer that is yummy! I like to put a tbsp of creamer + a packet of splenda in a cup of coffee and it's plenty sweet and yummy, and less than 50 cals.
  • Coffee and wine....hate spending the calories on them but still do!
  • Thank you for this! I had never heard of yummly, but just downloaded the app and I love it already. Such a great idea!
  • Carrot cake? :) I sometimes add shredded carrots and zucchini to spaghetti sauce or stuffed pepper filling to bulk it up.
  • I can't imagine it's unhealthy....mostly protein, hardly any fat in the whites. I love boiled egg whites! The yolks have a funky texture to me when they are hard boiled.
  • Oh my...that looks and sounds DELICIOUS! I could never stop at just a couple spoonfuls... I love hummus, especially garlic, Sabra is great. I want to master making some homemade but the last time I tried it was too grainy. Maybe I didn't add enough oil?
  • Club soda and flavored vodkas aren't bad, or a glass or two of wine. Light beer is also a decent option. What do you normally like to drink?
  • Qdoba chicken taco salad - no dressing or crispy bowl, and added black bean/corn salsa, pico and guacamole. Yummy!
  • Definitely garlic, and ranch dressing - not the bottled stuff either, yuck.
  • I've been loving stuffed spaghetti squash lately! I either top it with red sauce and meatballs (could easily nix the meat though and add mushrooms or soy crumbles!) and top with cheese, or top it will chili and cheese. Yesterday I roasted it with olive oil and salt & pepper and mixed in some fresh grated parmesan cheese…
  • I usually use half and half or light cream and splenda in my coffee. I won't give it up! It has not hindered my weight loss whatsoever, and I enjoy it. So I see no reason to stop! :)
  • Wow, that sounds so boring, I wouldn't last a week eating that way. I agree with the others saying that a calorie deficit is the most important for weight loss. I make sure to get in my fruits and veggies but I always make room for treats (hello chocolate and wine!).
  • Sure do. I make room for treats daily - it helps me stay on track. For example, tonight for dessert I'm having peanut butter m&m's and reeses pieces. Oh, and a glass of wine with dinner. I'm also making sure to get a workout in today. All in moderation!
  • I am bummed cauliflower is so expensive these days. It's almost $5.00/head here in Michigan. I really want to make some cauliflower "steaks"! Can't do that with frozen though, unfortunately. :(
  • My maintenance is right around 2000 (more with my Fitbit sometimes) and I aim to stay below that daily. Some days the deficit is larger than others, but I almost always eat over 1800 cals/day. Anyone can feel free to add me!