What's your Favorite feel-good Healthy Meal?



  • jenmsu83
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    I've been loving stuffed spaghetti squash lately! I either top it with red sauce and meatballs (could easily nix the meat though and add mushrooms or soy crumbles!) and top with cheese, or top it will chili and cheese. Yesterday I roasted it with olive oil and salt & pepper and mixed in some fresh grated parmesan cheese after scooping it from the shell and it was AWESOME! You get a huge portion for a low amount of calories too.
  • seltzermint555
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    Kung Pao chickpeas with onions and cabbage
  • cwolfman13
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    Roasted prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin with roasted red potatoes and sauteed asparagus...or grilled salmon with sour cream and chive baked potato and sauteed zucchini and yellow squash.
  • terilyn01
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    sushi :D
    shinycrazy wrote: »
    I had it today for lunch. Red leaf romaine, half a roma tomato, a whole avocado and some colby jack chunks. I fixed it at work and forgot to add the dressing since it didn't even need it with all the avocado!

  • cblanza
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    Healthy Pizza! - make it using 100 calorie English muffins cut in half + organic pizza sauce, Turkey pepperoni, pineapple, onion, bell pepper, (and any other veggie toppings), a little bit of cheese and bake at 350° for 10 minutes. Yum!! It is so filling and doesn't leave you with a guilty feeling. This is my fave when I need some comfort food!
  • bebeisfit
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    I love intense flavor! I am crazy for a red lentil soup made with sweet potato, ginger, onion, red curry paste and coconut milk. the bomb!
  • AmazonMayan
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    Right now it's various types of tacos. I grill some chicken breast or mahi or swordfish, etc or steak. Any of those seasoned with cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper, and then make my own salsa with chopped tomato, onion, serrano or jalapeño, lime juice, avacado if I have it, bell pepper if I have it. Then I usually add some plain yogurt or tonight I added some cottage cheese. Top with shredded lettuce or fesh spinach. Amazing dinner for 400 to 500 calories and I'm stuffed.

    Eta: sometimes I use corn tortillas that I toast myself without oil (to save calories ) and sometimes I use high fiber low carb low calorie wheat tortillas I get from trader Joe's - I don't care about low carb. I get them for the lower calorie and they taste good.
  • karuetet
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    Avocado half filled with tuna salad. I'm especially fond of tuna with artichoke hearts, sundries tomatoes, and Kalamata olives. No mayo needed. In a pinch, I'll just dump a packet of flavored tuna in the avocado (lemon pepper is especially good.) Yummy, filling and full of fiber, protein and good fat.
  • Coupongrl79
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    Sheet pan chicken fajitas with onions and peppers is my go to for lunch/dinner. For a healthier dessert, I really like lemon protein cheesecake http://julesfood.blogspot.com/2009/01/protein-cheesecake-hi-pro-lo-carb-and.html
  • Orphia
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    KellieTru wrote: »
    My fav healthy meal is oven baked salmon with rice pilaf and steamed green beans. Yum!

    Almost same here.

    Pan fried salmon with Steam Fresh rice or potatoes and veg.

    I have this (or a different fish) almost every time I'm cooking for myself instead of the family. Once or twice a week.
  • tlmay1
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    You all have great ideas! Any for ground turkey?
  • Kitnthecat
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    Bacon and eggs, maybe with some cheese

    Steak and asparagus, both drenched in butter, with mushrooms

    Burger patty with cheese, bacon, mustard and pickle
  • Cottage cheese and strawberries every day for breakfast is my favorite, turkey tacos in a lettuce wrap for my favorite lunch and I just made broccoli cheese soup today for only 132 calories a serving ( recipe in recipes section)
  • trjjoy
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    Leek and potato soup. It's divine. And it has very few calories. Cucumber soup is also a winner, but I'll use a bit less lemon juice next time. And lentil soup's always a winner. Especially when it's a spicy lentil soup.
  • WinterSkies
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    tlmay1 wrote: »
    You all have great ideas! Any for ground turkey?

    Turkey burgers! Yum :smile: They're known as "birdgers" in our house...lol
  • salembambi
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    portobello mushroom burgers
    chickpea salad sandwiches
    "cheesy" nutritional yeast vegan mac and cheese
  • shellma00
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    Lisa_Dubh wrote: »
    Last night I tried portobellos as burger buns and it was delish!
    Here's a recipe on how to prepare them (http://www.letsregale.com/roasted-portobello-mushroom-buns/), I made meat ones with spinach and a bit of low fat coleslaw with sweet potato fries, It was so good!

    This sounds delish!! I am going to have to try this.
  • erialcelyob
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    My healthy chicken satay recipe :)