Low calorie drinks to order at a bar?

Hi guys! Im meeting up with some people at a bar later and do not want to overdo it. That being said, what are your favorite low cal bar drinks?



  • MTDDS18
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    I usually get wine and a glass of water between each glass. Not exactly super low calorie, but better than a fruity mixed drink I used to go for
  • Pinkylee77
    Pinkylee77 Posts: 432 Member
    Gin and tonic
  • socioseguro
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    Champagne. Extra brut
  • Panda_brat
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    Anything mixed with diet soda. I just try to milk my drinks so they last longer. and every other drink is plain water so i stay hydrated.
  • olive1968
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    Pelligrino and lime.
    Vodka soda
    white wine spritzer (wine mixed with soda)

    (I try these and then I just want to drink all.of.the.beer. anyway)
  • MelaniaTrump
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    Diet coke and rum
    Diet coke and whiskey
    Diet sprite and vodka.
  • lizwooshy
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    Diet and whiskey. Or vodka and water with lemon and lime. Once you get used to it, it's actually quite good.
  • lorrpb
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    Club soda & lime
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    Diet coke and rum
    Diet coke and whiskey
    Diet sprite and vodka.

    youre my soul mate......

    im a whiskey girl. straight, mixed with coke zero or diet coke, whatever.
  • jacklifts
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    Pinkylee77 wrote: »
    Gin and tonic

    I used to do this until I looked up what kind of calories tonic actually contains...it's a crap ton.
    Now I do Tanqueray and Seltzer water, almost the same, much lower calories. That's about 75 calories for a single, 150 calories for a double. Even if you go crazy, it's unlikely you'll get more than 500 calories from the drinks. Just stay away from the pizza afterwards!
    lorrpb wrote: »
    Club soda & lime

    I"ve also done this just to pretend I'm drinking. lol
  • finneyjason218
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    Whisky. Tastes great on it's own and you can't get lower calories.
  • raychl88
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    Vodka water with lime...ask for a couple extra lime wedges if you want more flavour
  • arj5150
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    I think vodka/seltzer (soda water/aka club soda, NOT tonic, two different animals!) add a slice of lemon or lime. I love wine, and a bar serving is bound to be smaller than what you would pour at home. I find that beer fills me up too quickly now, so after 1 or 2 I would feel uncomfortably bloated.
  • harrybananas
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  • jenmsu83
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    Club soda and flavored vodkas aren't bad, or a glass or two of wine. Light beer is also a decent option. What do you normally like to drink?