I'm addicted to ..... add yours



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    Cups of tea :heart:
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    perkymommy wrote: »
    I'm not "addicted" to anything since addiction means you have a dependency on something (usually drugs). But I do like to have a few pringles and/or shelled peanuts every day. I can do without but they are my go-to snacks.

    Having had some training in drug and alcohol counseling back when I was working clinically, it seems that on this board that we confuse the concepts of "addiction" and "chemical dependence."

    Addiction: A compulsion to consume something or engage in some activity that is so strong that the individual will repeat the behavior despite serious negative consequences to health and/or well being. An addiction does not necessarily have to have a physical component. (Gambling addiction, for example, is a very real addiction.)

    Dependency: Dependency is characterized by two things: 1) a tendency to develop tolerance and, therefore, requiring more and more of the substance to achieve the desired effect; and 2) the presence of withdrawal symptoms when the person stops using the substance. Sometimes the withdrawal symptoms can be very severe (i.e. benzodiazepines), and at other times they can be reasonably mild (i.e. caffeine headaches).

    A person can be addicted AND dependent, of course. But people can be addicted to things where a chemical dependency is not present.

    That all being said, I think the OP was using "addiction" colloquially to refer to foods one tends to really crave whether or not an actual addiction is present. I do think some people can be addicted to certain foods in the clinical sense-at least according to the definition I was taught.

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    Ice cream I could eat this for every meal
    Kraft Vinaigrette Parmesan Pesto (so good on vegetables)
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    Peanut butter. I'm proud to say I've kicked my habit of eating spoonfulls out of the jar. Has anyone ever eaten their calorie allowance in Peanut Butter? I have!
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    Cool doritos with mild dip..
    Every week lol
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    almost none of these are real addictions... I'm sure that was the point, but still
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    Makeup, wontons and boys
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    Rice cakes
    Peanut butter
    Crunchy oat bars
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    Coffee and wine....hate spending the calories on them but still do!
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    Kashi cereal, I have sat down and ate two whole boxes before.
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    Tabasco Slim Jims. Really. Also Mike & Ikes. And pasta. Granted, I'll always be addicted to pasta. I refuse to give it up :tongue:
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    Halo Top Birthday Cake flavor
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    Sugar. Right now it's in the form of marshmallow fluff. I'll sprinkle some ground cinnamon in the container and just eat a bunch of it directly. Soooo good. Fortunately, it's low fat, and only 40 cals/serving, so I'll eat maybe 6-8 tbs before I guilt myself into stopping...
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    , I think the OP was using "addiction" colloquially to refer to foods one tends to really crave whether or not an actual addiction is present.

    No kidding, and it's incredibly obnoxious because it trivializes life-destroying problems, but *tee-hee* I sure like chocolate!
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    Top ones-
    Chocolate: icecream, shake, candy
    Sushi: unagi, saki
    Zoi yogurt with honey
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    Thomas Banana Bread English muffins... Ugh :|
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    Apple cinnamon rice cakes
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    Cottage cheese. 4% small curd and I'm extremely picky on brand. Lol. I used to eat crap and since I've been dieting this is my new favorite food!