I'm addicted to ..... add yours



  • Iamsimpleguy
    Iamsimpleguy Posts: 1,573 Member
    I love to eat these in my meals dialy

    Here goes my list :
    • Raw Carrot
    • Cucumber
    • oats cooked
    • Black chickpeas
    • Green Gram Sprouts
  • fishshark
    fishshark Posts: 1,886 Member
    oh and any kind of gummy chewy candy... dots, sour patch kids, gummy bears ect... I honestly love the texture. If only vegetables had the texture of gummy bears... and tasted like gummy bears... so just gummy bears.
  • juliayadda
    juliayadda Posts: 33 Member
    almond butter
    Chicken fatoush salad
  • txcaveman
    txcaveman Posts: 167 Member
    edited April 2016
    Topo Chico
    BACON (Really? NOBODY has listed bacon!)
    Beef Jerky
    Cheese (except American cheese)
  • zhannap
    zhannap Posts: 8 Member
    Coffee, chocolate and wine
  • lewish2012
    lewish2012 Posts: 5 Member
    Pop tarts
    Fiber One Bars

    This crap I can binge on!
  • debtay123
    debtay123 Posts: 1,321 Member
    My MUST-Haves include: kettle brand potato chips
    - 100 calorie greek yogurt with fatfree coolwhip- it is da bomb