I'm addicted to ..... add yours



  • Brithicks
    Brithicks Posts: 148 Member
    trader joes rosemary raisin crackers - I can control this one but it is a staple on my grocery list.
    peanut butter cups or peanut butter m&ms - no control. doesn't enter my house.
  • jakedavies180
    jakedavies180 Posts: 23 Member
    Pepsi Max :(

    Go ahead
    Chewing gum
  • SarcasmIsMyLoveLanguage
    SarcasmIsMyLoveLanguage Posts: 2,671 Member
    Unicorn meat... it's so hard to find, though.

    Is unicorn meat vegan? I'm so confused.

    Pink Lady apples
    Coke slushies
  • Fitwarrior7_Round_2
    Fitwarrior7_Round_2 Posts: 453 Member
    Sunflower seeds and Reese's Peanut Butter cups/eggs/christmas trees.
  • kristinann308
    kristinann308 Posts: 53 Member
    Sugar. The end.
  • markrgeary1
    markrgeary1 Posts: 853 Member
    Alcohol, morphine, and benzos.

    Try quitting those.. Try not sleeping for 90 days!

    Really you're addicted to candy, and chips, poor babies. Try self control. Bunch of wingers.
  • navychickpensfan
    navychickpensfan Posts: 21 Member
    Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate from Sheetz. Oh....and also their triple peanut butter muffins. I don't allow myself to have both in one day! I only get one or the other once a week! I could honestly eat and drink them everyday.
  • possessednomad89
    possessednomad89 Posts: 4 Member
    Unfortunately, peanut butter, i'm having to taper it's use down a bit as one might with a genuine substance problem.

    Peanut anything really, also proper nuts - mostly almonds and cashews.
  • mjwarbeck
    mjwarbeck Posts: 699 Member
    Nothing....take one thing away and I'll find two other new things that I love....
  • RespectTheKitty
    RespectTheKitty Posts: 1,670 Member
    Chocolate!!! and running :smile:
  • MommyL2015
    MommyL2015 Posts: 1,411 Member
    Caffeine and nicotine.

    I can't really nail down one or two single foods (aside from anything chocolate) that I really love because I love a lot of different foods. I'm not addicted to any edible thing, though.

    And I enjoy Twisted Tea a little too much but I'm not a big drinker.
  • CrabNebula
    CrabNebula Posts: 1,119 Member
    Pasta Zero, caffeine, fresh basil, garlic, my homemade pizza with fresh basil, roma tomatoes, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, and prosciutto. I thought I died and went to heaven on Friday that pizza was so on point.
  • perkymommy
    perkymommy Posts: 1,640 Member
    I'm not "addicted" to anything since addiction means you have a dependency on something (usually drugs). But I do like to have a few pringles and/or shelled peanuts every day. I can do without but they are my go-to snacks.
  • perkymommy
    perkymommy Posts: 1,640 Member
    Unicorn meat... it's so hard to find, though.

  • PaulaS1220
    PaulaS1220 Posts: 61 Member
    I don't know if this is supposed to be "healthy" addictions, but oh well!

    Iced coffee (Flavored, plus cream)

    It's ok, though. I can still fit them in most days. Well, not pizza. That's a weekly or every other week thing.
  • mrsperham1028
    mrsperham1028 Posts: 1 Member
    Food in general. Energy drinks. Gave up soda but have to have an energy drink a day. Can't go caffeine free.
  • zyxst
    zyxst Posts: 9,131 Member
    Smoking/nicotine. Been "clean" nearly 10 years, but offer me a cigarette and I'll take it.
  • DaniettaF
    DaniettaF Posts: 212 Member
    Cynsonya wrote: »
    Cheese. The answer's always cheese

    I agree.
  • Mama_cc
    Mama_cc Posts: 45 Member
    edited April 2016
    Vanilla greek yogurt
  • smcrimmon84
    smcrimmon84 Posts: 133 Member
    Panda All-Natural Raspberry Licorice.

    I grabbed some at Whole Foods (while picking up my other obsession - Halo Top Creamery ice cream) and am HOOKED. Cant stop..