Who loves hummus



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    Mmmm hummus
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    I love it and it is incredibly easy to make. I recently discovered backed Naan pita chips - Tikka Masala flavor. They are amazing with roasted red pepper hummus!
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    Never tried it, I looked at it in Tesco a few times but took no noticed of it really. Is it healthy or good for a diet?

    It is high in protein, low in fat and tasty. It makes a great dip for vegetables and crackers. I also like it as flavorful alternative to sandwich spreads.
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    Never tried it but after this thread im going to pick some up on the way home from work.
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    I love hummus. I make it at work all the time. I make mine with roasted garlic. :)
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    I love it, but don't eat it very often because I can't stop.
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    Love love love it. It's a great alternative to a ranch dip for my carrots.
    I made my own before but the effort did not reap a great reward.
    Favourite one is roasted garlic. Occasionally, I'll spoil myself by adding a bit of balsamic vinegar. NOM.
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    I introduced it to my dad this weekend. He polished it off.


    I find the store-bought to be far less tasty by comparison.

    @import69 it is a spread with lots of protein, spices, fiber, and fat. I portion in very much very much like cheese or peanut butter. It's great for diabetics looking for another protein to spread in their snack cracker.
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    Mememe! I just had some with my lunch actually.
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    Yum! My current fav is sabra lemon twist.....to which i add a healthy glob of stone ground mustard and extra lemon juice.
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    i do love hummus.. i think i love the garlic naan and pita even more.. mmmm need both now.
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    Me! But I'm so darned picky, lol. I've probably tried 20 brands and only like 1 plus the roasted red pepper hummus off the Greek bar at my local market. I'm thinking of buying a food processor. If I do I'll try making my own. But knowing me I wouldn't like it :D
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    I like most types of hummus. I like wildwood organic best but it's expensive and they quit selling it locally.
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    Hummus is so damn good

    I do! I actually make my own. It is so easy and cheaper than store bought. The only downside is to make it super smooth is you have to skin every chickpea. A little time consuming but really worth it.

    You peel your chickpeas? Wow, I can't imagine. I've never noticed the "peels" but I don't mind mine a bit course I guess. I use tahini, garlic and lemon......so yummy!

    LOL...it is a tedious process but so worth it! I can't get the nice smooth humus I want otherwise. Trouble is they say it only keeps a week and I can't eat it all in that time so I end up throwing it out.
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    I love hummus too! You've got to sprinkle a little sumac on top - that's the secret ingredient! Also, a little tip, if you cream your tahini in the processor with some lemon juice before adding chickpeas then it's creamier.
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    I love hummus, I just wish the ways I love it weren't so high in calories.. With lots of olive oil eaten with bread, in a sandwich with falafel...etc.

    Last but not least fatteh... that's hummus with bread, chickpeas, clarified butter, fried ground beef and oil roasted pine and other nuts EATEN WITH SPOONS... yeah.. try to eat a 2 spoon serving of that then watch the rest of the people on the table swallow one spoon after another. This was the only thing I asked my family not to make often. I mean I can have 2 slices of pizza, I can take a smaller piece of lasagna or any other commonly high calorie food, but going from eating 1 - 1.5 cups to eating 2-4 spoons is just miserable...


    Oh my...that looks and sounds DELICIOUS! I could never stop at just a couple spoonfuls...

    I love hummus, especially garlic, Sabra is great. I want to master making some homemade but the last time I tried it was too grainy. Maybe I didn't add enough oil?
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    We use Hummus instead of mayo...wowzer!! Vegie pizza with toasted whole wheat tortilla, hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, zuchinni......makes me hungry!!
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    I have become addicted to it. What are the thoughts on how healthy? It has a lot of fat.
    Also, would love to share recipes. I made my first batch of cilantro lime hummus last night and it was totally awesome.