Protein bars?



  • kirstinethornburg
    kirstinethornburg Posts: 300 Member
    protein bars are a land mine for me. They taste more like candy bars and very addictive for me they were any way
  • jessef593
    jessef593 Posts: 2,272 Member
    A nice grilled chicken breast. Lean meat high in protein, no extra additives, absolutely no sugar, and low in calories.
  • saudifitgirl
    saudifitgirl Posts: 4 Member
    Atkins's bars are so yummy
  • jenmsu83
    jenmsu83 Posts: 185 Member
    I like the balance bars - chocolate chip cookie dough and lemon meringue. Luna protein bars are also good but not super high in protein (and kinda high in sugar too...). The Quest chocolate chip cookie dough is pretty good since they switched up the new formula.